Launched : iFlash Ipod Compact Flash Adapter (mk II)

Launched : iFlash Ipod Compact Flash Adapter (mk II)

iFlash iPod Compact Flash AdaptorDue to recent surge in demand for the iFlash – the iPod compact flash adaptor. I am happy to announce the mk II version.
So what is different…



  • Sleek Black finished PCB
  • Slimmer by 0.7mm
  • High Quality Connectors (DDK Connectors as used on the original Apple iPod Hard Drives)
  • works with most CF cards from 512Mb to 256gb (read more..)
  • SDHC and SDXC cards using a SD-CF Adapter (read more..)

iFlash iPod Compact Flash Adaptor
The Benefits of Compact Flash Ipod

  • Smoother User Interface, no waiting for the hard drive
  • Reliability – no mechanical hard drive about to fail
  • Lighter by 27grams, 20% weight saving (based on 30gb version)
  • Drop proof if the LCD survives, so will the Compact Flash
  • Extended Battery life up-to 50% increase (real world usage)
  • Fits all 30gb, 60gb, 80gb, 120gb, 160gb  5g 5.5g 6g 6.5g 7g Video Ipods
  • Simple and very easy installation (takes less than 5 minutes)

iFlash iPod CF Video
For this new version I have decided to go with a clean matt black finish. The connectors have been upgraded to even higher quality versions.


iFlash iPod Compact Flash LogoThe Zif connector is made and supplied by DDK the people who make the connector on the Toshiba / Apple Hard Drives that are used in the iPods. This insures that the connector is 100% compatible with the ribbon cables (FPC) used by Apple and is the only connector guaranteed to the same specifications as the original hard drive connection.

iFlash iPod CF high quality DDK connectorThe cheap generic  Taiwan made ZIF to CF adaptors found on the web use very cheap and poor quality Zif connectors which do not work well with the Apple ribbon cable and are likely to damage the delicate connections.

This adaptor is even slimmer than before which makes it lighter and leaves even more space for people who want to carry out further mods – like audio capacitor upgrades or even integrated bluetooth modules!! (the new size may also allow fitment in to the new iPod Classic, to be tested!). iFlash iPod CF thin

I have left the best news for last, I am pleased to announce a huge price cut – so if you only do one mod to your iPod this should be the one. With prices of Cf cards coming down, this adaptor and a good sized card will be cheaper than replacing the faulty hard drive.

iFlash iPod 5g 5.5g video
Want to Buy?

Visit my store…..


Watch the installation video below. The biggest challenge you will face is to open the iPod, but with patience and perseverance most people manage it. Most important tip I can offer is to make sure the thin sharp end of the opening tool is pushed deep in to the seam between the front and back case, and with a gentle pulling action away from the ipod run the tool up and down the seam. Make sure the tools is kept inserted as far as possible in to the seam – this is what releases the clips!!! You will hear and feel them release.


Due to the world of litigation, I need to warn you that everything you read is for information only – if you decide to open your iPod, install the adaptor, or attempt anything because of what you have read here then you do so at your own risk.

I cannot take responsibility to any damage you cause to yourself, to someone else, to your iPod, to your Compact Flash card, and to any other property belonging to you or not from information gained on this site.

What this means is if you manage to blow up your iPod and in the panic fall out of your second floor window – you are on your own!!

If you are not comfortable or have some doubt with the techniques shown on this page or you are just frightend at the prospect of falling out the window please do not attempt them, get someone else to do it for you.





359 thoughts on “Launched : iFlash Ipod Compact Flash Adapter (mk II)

  1. Robert

    Got it with the CF adapter, installed it, and after a little fiddling – it works! I did a test run with a 2gb SD card and am looking to order a 64gb SD card to put in it. Looks like most SD and microSD cards will work. Has anyone tried the cheapest thing on ebay? Generic memory card? I think I might just for the hell of it.

  2. Neil

    Hi Tarkan and thanks for the reply. Yes sorry the Ipod displays the Red Cross symbol. I shall try a new ribbon unless you have any other suggestions.



  3. Tarkan Post author

    What is happening when the iPod just starts up normally? If it is the red cross or sad face, more than likely you have a bad ribbon (also the iFlash is installed the correct way – ZIF connector should face out, opposite way to the original HDD).

  4. Neil

    Hi there
    Received your Iflash adapter and I bought a Qumox 128gb SD card but upon assembly I get the error Cant open device while checking the HDD in diagnostic menu and nothing comes up in Itunes to say there is an Ipod connected, although the diagnostic does suggest there is a cable connected. Incidentally it does this if I connect the old HDD back up also, so perhaps it is the ribbon cable to HDD or something else? Any suggestions? I’m determined to get this working!

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Tarkan Post author

    @Zack – there is no such thing as an A-Data 512Gb MicroSD, it is a fake mislabelled 4Gb or 8Gb card. Read my comment about fake cards here.

  6. Zack

    Dear Tarkan,
    First of all thank you for your great work.
    I have received the CF IPod converter. I think my set up doesn’t work, I have a A-Data Micro SD 512GB into the CF converter which is connected to the Ipod Video 5G – 30GB. I manage to get it on the Ipod, after few tweeks, it recognise the card, but will not transfer any song to it. Even though I have downloaded many songs, it still doesn’t work. Do you have any solution for it? As I think maybe I wanted to go to big and this is where is my mistake…
    Any advice?
    Thanks in advance. Zack

  7. Tarkan Post author

    Actually you do not have to restore – you can catch the iPod in to diskmode (like you have) and when you connect to the computer itunes will work with the iPod no problem, you can remove tracks off the iPod till it boots up. This will help you assess what the maximum no. of tracks is for the iPod with your library.

  8. jburka

    Thanks, Tarkan — I saw the page saying that the 5th gen didn’t have the 128gb limit, but missed the one saying the 30gb iPod had a RAM limitation! It’s not a problem, as I have a 7th gen iPod I can put the iFlash into…

  9. jburka

    I installed a PNY 256GB card in a 5th gen iPod and am running into an odd issue after a restore. The restore itself goes fine, but if I sync all of my music to the iPod (~160GB), the iPod goes into an endless reboot cycle. I can get it back into disk mode during that cycle, wipe the drive and restore it again. If I put a single playlist onto the iPod, it seems to work fine — the issue only occurs if I tell iTunes to sync the entire library. Any suggestions?


  10. Joshua Woods

    I upgraded my iPod Classic 7th Gen 160GB HDD (Thin) to work with Tarkan’s iFlash iPod Compact Flash Adapter MKII with a Sandisk 512GB Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC SDXC U3 Memory Card (Class 10).

    After iTunes restored it I now have 476GB of available storage on it. I partitioned the SD card with EASUS Partition Master (Free Version) to a FAT32 (Primary) and iTunes restored it with no problems. I find that the user interface is faster, the videos open quicker, the battery life is better and of course the overall weight is much lighter then before.

    I also ordered a Super iPod 2,000mAh battery to upgrade my original 850mAh battery that my iPod came with. It hasn’t arrived yet but I am eagerly waiting for its arrival. :)

  11. Robert Cross

    @Stewart, I had similar problems with a 30GB ‘Video. Turned out that the culprits were the two blue removable foam spacers that stop the HDD rattling around. They’d fallen out when I’d opened the iPod and I’d put them back in as I thought should be, but obviously got it wrong. It was easy to prove – I just tried the case on with them omitted and the unit sprung into life.
    But now I know what to look for when I do my other iPod (the first one was one I bought as a “for spares/repair” on eBay) later this year. Upgraded unit is working well and the extra battery life is good enough for me to be able to use a Fiio E1 amp and not notice.

  12. Tarkan Post author

    @Stewart – The sad iPod face is not the normal boot cycle – with a correctly installed iFlash and SD card you should be getting the restore screen. The iFlash is designed to only rest/put pressure on the metal frame not on the iPod motherboard.

    For troubleshooting, inspect the HDD ribbon (or better get a replacement) as that could be the cause of why you are getting the sad face and issues when the case is closed, also check the LCD ribbon and connector – as these can cause problems especially if an aftermarket LCD has ever been fitted.

  13. Stewart

    Edit for clarity: I purchased the iFlash Bundle, so I am using your CF to 256GB PNY SD card as well.

  14. Stewart

    I recently purchased an adapter from your store, but I am having very strange issues with it. I am installing it in an iPod Video, and when the case is even very slightly open (even if it is just one of the top corners that doesn’t have the clips engaged) it appears to work fine — I get the normal reboot cycle with the apple logo followed by the sad ipod face. However, as soon as I completely close the case, the reboot cycle still occurs but nothing appears on the screen; it is just blank with the backlight off followed by blank and white with the backlight on. I suspect that the adapter is putting pressure on the inside of the iPod, but I can’t identify the location that is causing the problem to adjust the components and make everything fit. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  15. Markus

    Thanks for your advice, a new ribbon solved my problem, I could restore the iPod, everything seems to be working fine, it is syncing at the moment :)
    Thanks again for your help!

  16. Markus

    Almost some good news :) I inspected the ribbon cable and one end seems to be slightly bent. I don’t have a second ribbon to double check, but I have cleaned all the contacts and I now do get the ‘Connect to iTunes’ message almost every time I press Select + Play. On the first two attempts the iPod went in the Low Battery/Restart/Dead iPod Cycle after showing the ‘do not disconnect’ screen for a few seconds, but on the third try it showed up in iTunes asking to restore, but restore failed due to the error ‘iPod not found’ (rough translation, my system is in German). All further attempts ended with the iPod freezing as described in my last post.
    Thanks for your help and quick answers so far, greetings from Austria!

  17. Tarkan Post author

    @Markus – sound like you have a very sick iPod there – remove the HDD ribbon and inspect it for any damage, make sure the gold fingers on both ends are smooth.

    It is possible you have a bad ribbon.

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