iFlash Compact Flash Compatibility – Help Needed…

iFlash Compact Flash Compatibility – Help Needed…

As my iFlash iPod Compact Flash adapter has grown in popularity – so has the problem of Compact Flash card compatibility.

To aid current and future owners of CF iPods, I have decided to compile a list of working and non-working CF cards.

Can you please contact me or leave a comment with the details of the CF cards you have used and if they worked or not.

I will need the manufacturer, model, capacity, and your experience with the card.

Example:  AXTREMEX UDMA 600x 128GB – works fine.

Thank you in advance.

**THE LIST SO FAR** (Last Updated : 1st June 2015)

Known to work:-
7dayshop 300x 32Gb
A-Data Speedy 8Gb
A-Data Speedy 16Gb (some reports of filesystem problems, could be card specific)
A-Data Speedy 32Gb
A-Data Speedy 533x 32Gb (new) (reported ok on 6th gen Classic and up)
Apacer Photo Steno III 133x 16Gb
CnMemory 80x First Class Gold 32GB (5g reported ok)
CnMemory 300x Ultra High Speed Edition 32GB
Dolgix 133x 32Gb
Dolgix 133x 64Gb
Dolgix Blaze6C 600x 128GB (not working on 5.5g)
Duracell 133x 32Gb (Dane-Elec)
Duracell ProPhoto 32gb 300x UDMA (DU-CF30-32G-C)
ExtreMEmory Performance 16Gb
Hirsch x64 16Gb
Integral Ultima Pro UDMA6 300x 64Gb (reported ok on 5g)
Kingston Elite Pro 133x 8Gb
Kingston Elite Pro 133x 16Gb
Kingston Elite Pro 133x 32Gb
Kingston Elite Pro S2 32Gb
Kingston Ultimate 266x 16Gb (not working 5g and 5.5g)
Kingston Ultimate 266x 32Gb (all including 6g up)
Kingston Ultimate 266x 64GB
Komputerbay Professional High Speed 266x 32Gb (all gens)
Komputerbay Professional Extreme Speed UDMA6 (90Mb/s) 600x 64Gb (possible issues on 5g/5.5g)
Komputerbay Professional Extreme Speed UDMA6 (90Mb/s) 600x 128Gb (possible issues on 5g/5.5g)
Komputerbay Professional Extreme Speed UDMA7 (150Mb/s) 1000x 32Gb (format Fat32 for 5g/5.5g)
Lexar Platinum II 80x 4Gb
Lexar Platinum II 80x 8Gb
Lexar Platinum II 200x 16Gb
Lexar Professional 300x 8gb
Lexar Professional 400x 128Gb (UDMA7 not working on 5.5g)
Lexar Professional 600x 128Gb (UDMA7 not working on 5.5g)
Lexar Professional 800x 128gb (UDMA7 not working on 5.5g, 128Gb limit on 7.5g)
Lexar Professional 400x 256gb
MemoryStar Professional 400x 32Gb
Mustang Interlagos 32Gb 633x
NOS Ultimate NOS 300x 128Gb (35Mb/s) (Ok on 5.5g)
Patriot Signature 8Gb 266x (PSF8G266CF)
Patriot Signature 64Gb 266x
Peak Technology 16Gb
Photofast 533X 64Gb
Pretec 233x 32Gb
Pretec 233x 64Gb (Reported 6th gen and up)
Samsung OEM 150x (ebay) 16Gb
Samsung OEM 150x (ebay) 32Gb
Sandisk Ultra 333x 50Mb/s UDMA 32Gb
Sandisk Ultra II (all capacities)
Sandisk Extreme 60Mb/s UDMA 400x 32Gb
Sandisk Extreme III (all capacities) (excludes new 30Mb/s 2008 models)
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB (90Mb/s)
Silicon Power 32GB CF200X
Silicon Power 64Gb 400x
TakeMS Hyperspeed 120x 16Gb
TakeMS Hyperspeed 120x 32Gb
Topram (Ebay and Amazon) 32Gb (Possible problems with 6g Classics)
Transcend 133x 8Gb
Transcend 133x 16Gb (Restore Loop problem for cards purchased since Feb 2009)
Transcend 133x 32Gb (Restore Loop problem for cards purchased since Feb 2009)
Transcend 400x 32Gb (TS32GCF400) (newer cards have restore loop issues 5g/5.5g)
Transcend 400x 64Gb (TS32GCF400) (newer cards have restore loop issues 5g/5.5g)
Transcend 800x 256Gb (Working ok in 5g, 6g/7g reports as 127Gb works ok otherwise)
WINTEC Filemate Professional 400x 8Gb (3FMCF8GBS-R)
WINTEC FileMate Professional 400x 32GB
WINTEC FileMate Professional 600x 64GB

Known not to work:-
Apacer 133x 32gb
Hama 2Gb
PQI 32Gb
Ridata Lighting Series 233x 16Gb
Ridata Lighting Series 233x 32Gb
Samsung OEM 280x (ebay) 4Gb
Samsung OEM 280x (ebay) 8Gb
Samsung OEM 280x (ebay) 16Gb
Sandisk Extreme III 8Gb (30Mb/s 2008 version)
Sandisk Extreme III 16GB (30Mb/s 2008 version)
Silicon Systems ssd-c64mi-3012 64gb
Topram (ebay) 16Gb


452 thoughts on “iFlash Compact Flash Compatibility – Help Needed…

  1. Philipp

    i can conirm the 128GB Qumox Card from the list, just isntalled 2 of those :-)
    Thanks by the way for the Adaptors, Tarkan! :-)

  2. Michael R. Hill

    I purchased the iFlash-Bundle, Installed it in my Ipod Classic 160GB 7th Generation Model # PC293LL with a Lexar Professional 400x 64GB SDXC UHS-I Flash Memory Card. The unit is up and running. Thanks. mrh.

  3. Tarkan Post author

    If you have a CF card reader, I would confirm the CF card is working ok.

    Another thing worth trying is connect the iPod while it is in Diskmode – and see if you can format/read/write using the disk utility on your computer.

    do you have any other CF cards you can try – anything above 512Mb will do for the iPod video.

  4. Alin Rotaru

    So i got this Card now
    Komputerbay 64gb 233x cf

    I got it into my Ipod 5.5. Turning it on results to the “pls connect to itunes” message.
    So i connect it to itunes and try to restore it. The Computer loads the Software and before finishing i get the itunes error 1529.
    If I start up disk utiliy , while my ipod is connected, i get the info that there is a 64gb card installed with no partition.
    With the ipod connected i can’t partition the card.
    Whats the point here? The Card is recognized by the Ipod but I can’t restore. Is there a way getting this to work?
    I’m not sure if the Card is faulty, or something else.

    I have only Mac computers.
    Its kind of a never ending story which annoys me.

  5. Tarkan Post author

    @Mario – I am going say that microSDXC card is fake – The largest microSDXC card is 200Gb (currently).

    MicroSDXC will work fine in the iFlash-bundle, I use a few microSD 64Gb cards for testing myself.

  6. Vincent

    Thanks, Tarkan. If I decided to buy it, and it works, I would definitely report about it.

  7. Vincent

    Hi Tarkan,
    I was wondering if the SanDisk Ultra 50mb/s CF Card would work on the 7.5g iPod classic (slim 160gb) as the card was the only one available in stores near me.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  8. Portomomo

    I installed a Komputerbay Professional 128 GB 600X, 90 MB/s UDMA CF card on a “thick” 160GB Ipod Classic (MB145ZP) and after the second restoring attempt it works.

  9. Tarkan Post author

    Two people are using the 512Gb Sandisk so far, with no problems – was waiting on more confirmations before add it to the compatability list – it is a very expensive card so not many people will be thinking about it yet!!

  10. Jonathon Allen

    Hi Tarkan,
    As an alternative to the mSATA drives to improve battery life, do you think the new SanDisk Extreme PRO 512GB SDXC would work OK in a 6g or 7G?

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