iFlash and Rockbox….

iFlash and Rockbox….

Several people have got in touch with problems running Rockbox on their iFlash ‘d Video Ipod’s.

After some investigation work it has come to light that since build version r16258 , Rockbox has stopped working on slower/cheaper Compact Flash cards (e.g. A-Data , Transcend). The newer builds throw up a ATA -1 error.

I know of a few people who are trying track down why this is happening, time permitting I will also be looking through the source code to attempt a fix. So far it looks like the changes made to the power management is the root of this evil!!

If you are using a fast CF card (e.g. Sandisk Extreme) then more than likely the current build of Rockbox will work for you, but if you are suffering from the ATA -1 error and being such a nice guy I have made available the r16258 builds below which will work.

**UPDATE** (30th September 2008)

Looks like we have found a temporary fix for the current builds to work with the error causing CF cards. Below is the current build r18673 (as of 30th September 2008) modified which is the newly released version 3 of Rockbox.

(these have been personally compiled by me…but please don’t blame me if they go wrong…)

For 5g/5.5g Video Ipod (30Gb version) – rockbox-r18673-iflash_video32mb

For 5g/5.5g Video Ipod (60Gb/80Gb Version) – rockbox-r18673-iflash_video64mb

(here is the patch file for anyone who wants to compile there own or wants to experiment patch.txt)

This is an experimental fix and if you notice any issues then please leave a comment.

If you need help with Rockbox in general the best place to go is www.rockbox.org

Enjoy and if you can offer any help please get in touch….


39 thoughts on “iFlash and Rockbox….

  1. Tarkan Post author

    Yes Rockbox will work ok on SD card – there is a problem with the Rockbox USB Handler, so you have to boot in to diskmode when you want to transfer music over.

  2. Van

    I’ve been looking through your archives about this, and have a few questions, as the entries look a little dated…

    1. Are there any compatibility issues with your adapter and newer flash cards? Are there any brands/models I should steer clear of when shopping for a flash drive for the iPod? I’m looking at either a 32 or 64 gb card.

    2. Are there any current issues using flash memory and RockBox? I’m planning on using the newest build of RockBox once I mod, so any info on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your time!

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  4. Tarkan Post author

    Hi Jared,

    Long time no hear!!

    Thanks for the heads up – so all it was a simple change to the reset line. So no more un-official patching…..:)

  5. Jared

    Hey Tarkan,

    I just discovered a proposed patch in Rockbox’s Flyspray bug/patch tracker that fixes the rockbox issues with the iPod Video and CF cards. Apparently, Rockbox is reseting the IDE device but not waiting long enough before querying it for a status. I just tested the patch on the latest SVN and it works fine for me. Someone commenting on the patch said they’re going to push it to SVN soon. You can find it here:


    BTW, I discovered my previous problem with the “codec failure” was related to the fact that I renamed my previous rockbox install from .rockbox to .rockbox.old. Apparently, having both a “.rockbox” and a “.rockbox.old” folder in the root of the drive with two different builds of rockbox really confuses it. It appears it was booting up with the /.rockbox.old/rockbox.ipod image, but it was trying to use the codecs from the newer version of Rockbox installed in “/.rockbox”. I’m using iPodLinux’s Loader2 bootloader, and I strongly suspect that it is to blame.


  6. suicidal_orange

    Thanks ganck – it works! I’ve just installed it, so will need to check for reboot problems but at least it booted first time and much quicker than from a hard drive.

    I also noticed that I’m using todays official build not the one linked above and all good so far – no codec issues, but all my files are flac’s so not tested many.

  7. Tarkan Post author

    Hi Jared,

    Not seen the codec failure issue, what version number you running? , interesting that you did not need to patch – the version I have posted above does not run on my 32gb Adata hence the patch…

    I’ll have a look over the svn…..

  8. Jared

    Hey Tarkan,

    I’ve got a strange issue here with the new build. Whenever I’m try to play any files, I’m getting “codec failure.” Also, it’s worth noting, the official build from rockbox.org now boots on my iFlash’d 30GB video, though it also has the “codec failure” problem.

    Any thoughts?


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  10. suicidal_orange

    Hi Tarkan

    Great timing on the release of the patched 3.0 – same day my 32gb Transcend 133x card arrived! I have just got round to installing both and while the default OS is fine, the rockbox bootloader errors with

    ipod bootloader v2.0
    ipod version 0xFFFFFFFF
    ATA: -80
    No partition found

    And asks me to reboot into disk mode to repair. Is this an iflash problem, to do with your rockbox build or is the bootloader just too old for rockbox v3? Back to the hard drive with v2 for me for now, but hopefully someone will know where the problem lies


  11. Tarkan Post author


    Have you had Rockbox working before? and if so was it a patched version or off the shelf version? and what card are you running.

    I will try and download the latest source and compile a patched version (assuming nothing else has been broken)…..

  12. RockBox

    Rockbox was updated to v3.0, getting an ATA error w/ my iFlash. Could someone plz patch 3.0 to work on an iFlashed Video 30GB? Thanks!

  13. CV


    The new Sandisk Extreme didn’t work just like you’d predicted – it doesn’t load either the Apple or Rockbox firmware. Did you get a chance to try any new workarounds?

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