iFlash and Rockbox….

iFlash and Rockbox….

Several people have got in touch with problems running Rockbox on their iFlash ‘d Video Ipod’s.

After some investigation work it has come to light that since build version r16258 , Rockbox has stopped working on slower/cheaper Compact Flash cards (e.g. A-Data , Transcend). The newer builds throw up a ATA -1 error.

I know of a few people who are trying track down why this is happening, time permitting I will also be looking through the source code to attempt a fix. So far it looks like the changes made to the power management is the root of this evil!!

If you are using a fast CF card (e.g. Sandisk Extreme) then more than likely the current build of Rockbox will work for you, but if you are suffering from the ATA -1 error and being such a nice guy I have made available the r16258 builds below which will work.

**UPDATE** (30th September 2008)

Looks like we have found a temporary fix for the current builds to work with the error causing CF cards. Below is the current build r18673 (as of 30th September 2008) modified which is the newly released version 3 of Rockbox.

(these have been personally compiled by me…but please don’t blame me if they go wrong…)

For 5g/5.5g Video Ipod (30Gb version) – rockbox-r18673-iflash_video32mb

For 5g/5.5g Video Ipod (60Gb/80Gb Version) – rockbox-r18673-iflash_video64mb

(here is the patch file for anyone who wants to compile there own or wants to experiment patch.txt)

This is an experimental fix and if you notice any issues then please leave a comment.

If you need help with Rockbox in general the best place to go is www.rockbox.org

Enjoy and if you can offer any help please get in touch….


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