Apple iPod Classic add an iFlash ??

Apple iPod Classic add an iFlash ??

Apple iPod Classic (6g) Ready for Compact Flash CardsFor the last few months I and a few iFlash users have been playing around with Apple’s new incarnation of the iPod – the 6g Classic, with its fancy new operating system and slimmer profile – we wanted to see if the iFlash would work and if Apple still left the back door open for the Compact Flash conversion of their headline media player.

If you are reading this looking at your recently deceased iPod Classic which you dropped and broke the hard drive on, well I have some good news the iFlash works and works very well.

Apple iPod Classic (6g) 32Gb InstalledIt’s not all good news. Physically the fit is perfect – the iFlash mk2 with its slimmer design is just the right thickness to go in to the slimmer design of the Classic (80gb model). Not worth mentioning the 160Gb model here as that has plenty of room any way….

The iPod works so much better with solid state storage, the cover flow album art feature is smoother with no waiting for the hard drive to spin up – plus the benefit of having another 30-40% of battery life added to the already excellent run times is just great.

Bad news obviously is that CF cards have not climbed in capacity as hoped for. If you exclude the vaporware announced by Pretec and Microdia – 32Gb is still the maximum you can buy in the shops.

Apple iPod Classic (6g) 32Gb Info ScreenThankfully the pricing is getting very attractive with the 32Gb A-Data approaching $100 (£50), and the other makes following suite.

Various testing has demonstrated so far that if the CF card works with the iFlash in a iPod Video (5g) then it will probably work in the iPod Classic (6g).

Apple iPod Classic (6g) 32Gb Album ArtI’d like to thank Rob Hardwick and Greg Upton for putting their Classic’s forward for testing!!!

Apple iPod Classic (6g) 8Gb LexarApple iPod Classic (6g) 8Gb Lexar iTunes

(All photographs courtesy of Rob Hardwick©, used with permission)



73 thoughts on “Apple iPod Classic add an iFlash ??

  1. francesco percuoco

    i’ve a ipod 6th with flash sdhc qumox card formatted in fat 32 following your instruction i’ve 0gb in itunes cannot go ahead

  2. Liam

    hi there, I just bought a standard hard drive ribbon cable for my fat 160gig classic to put an old 30gig drive in until i can afford to flash it. Upon installation however, the ribbon seems to long to push the hard drive flat into the frame. Any ideas? Ive curled it around as much as I can and its a genuine apple ribbon I beleive

  3. Darrin

    I installed the iflash in a iPod video with a bad hard drive. Got the cf to Sd adapter and worked like a champ first time. The way to go. Storage is much cheaper. Running a 32gb class 4 card micro for now. Loading take awhile but play back is fine. This is a great product and will be changing many more iPods over soon with the I flash

  4. Tarkan Post author

    I salute you for getting it working Chris!!!

    I was loaned a Lexar 128Gb CF UDMA7, and I learnt that the 5g and 5.5g need seperate compatiblity lists!!! the Lexar would not work on the 5.5g, it performed great on the 5g, 6g, 7g I tested it on – but the 5.5g NO constant restore loop!!! Maybe I did not try hard enough like you.

    Really need people to start telling me the iPod model number when reporting cards – as I suspect many of the cards reported as issues on the 5g/5.5g, maybe that it works on the 5g and not the 5.5g!!!!

  5. Chris C

    Finally got to investigate further. Booted iPod normally, connected to PC(WinXP SP3), iTunes opens, attempts to auto sync, I get “unable to read or write file” error. Already set to enable disc mode, I tried to change to “manually manage music…” but I get the “unable to Read/Write file” error, and the setting stays at auto sync. Ejected iPod and went to disc mode and I can read/write to disc. Added several more folders of music to iTunes library, restarted iPod, reconnected, and auto sync tried but failed of course. While the iPod was still connected, I entered disc mode, and iTunes quickly goes into auto sync. All the newly added music got sync’d to the iPod. Ejected iPod, and it functions normally, including all the newly added music. I can’t say I understand how, but the end result is a working iPod 5.5G with a Komputerbay 128Gb UDMA7 800X flash drive. And the Tarkan iFlash comes through again. Thanks much for your help.

  6. Chris C

    I totally agree, very odd behavior that defies logic, but that’s what happened. I’ll give your suggestion a try and see what happens.

  7. Tarkan Post author

    I am glad you worked it out – but that is the very odd, not something I have experienced myself or been told about.

    It is possible you have driver issues on your computer – in disk mode the iPod connects as a storage device, where as if you connect after the iPod as booted in to the Apple firmware, you are connected as a portable device (media device).

    Something to try, let the iPod boot up in to normal mode and connect to the PC, then on the iPod page of iTunes – select manually manage music & video, and enable disk use.

    The iPod should now appear as a drive, see if you can read/write to it.

  8. Chris C

    I tried several re-formats (using EaseUS & Swisknife), including letting windows format to exFat, and then going back to FAT32 with EaseUS, but I still got the “iTunes is unable to sync because the disk can not be read from or written to” error. I then did a restore using iTunes and then used your suggestion to go into disk mode to see if I could read/write to the disk. As soon as I went into disk mode, iTunes began to autosync with the iPod, and successfully transferred 90+ Gb of music to the iPod. The iPod seems to function properly as far as playing the music. It also is recognized by “My Link” when connected in my 2013 Chevy, and seems to be working fine with the “My Link” interface. I still get the read/write error message if I connect the iPod and try to sync while not in disk mode. I’m guessing that I’ll just have to use disk mode for putting music onto, or taking it off the iPod.

  9. Chris C

    Yes, restored without a hitch, boots fine, but then gives the “…Read/write..” error when I try to sync the ipod. Komputerbay offered to refund me on the card, but I haven’t given up yet. I’ll try your suggestions when I get a chance, and let you know the results.

  10. Tarkan Post author

    Hi Chris,

    So the iPod has been restored by iTunes ok, it boots up ok but you are unable to transfer music to it?

    Couple of things to check – first make sure the card is ok, you may have a faulty card (sadly Komputerbay QC is not the highest) – in a CF card reader do a quick format to FAT32, then see you can read/write 60Gb of data with no errors.

    Second, re-install in to the iPod – then using diskmode see you can read/write/format the iPod like a external hard drive.

  11. Chris C

    Unsuccessfully used your adapter with a Komputerbay 128Gb UDMA7 800X (yes, I know it’s not on your list of working CF cards), in an iPod 80Gb 5.5g. iPod recognizes capacity but gives “unable to read or write to disk” errors (even though it has written several songs to the disk, and they are playable). I’ve emailed Komputerbay for advice, and welcome any advice from any other source. Thanks for any help.

  12. Tarkan Post author

    HI Dan,

    Yes the 256GB 600x Lexar has some issues, it should work ok – you need to play around with the formatting of the card, especially with the 7g iPod. If you go through some of the newer comments on SDXC article, you will see some pointers.

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