Apple iPod Classic add an iFlash ??

Compact Flash finally installed , tested and prodded inside Apple’s latest iPod Classic. Now in its 6th generation it was time to see if the iFlash could improve the user experience and bullet-proof the hardware.

iFlash and Rockbox….

New builds of Rockbox can throw up ATA -1 error with slower Compact Flash cards. I have built and compiled a modified version of r18673 fixing these issues. This is the newly launched version 3 of Rockbox.

I am so nice to you lot :) ……

The 32Gb Compact Flash Ipod

With the advent of affordable CF (Compact Flash) Cards, it was time to check out how it would be like to have a 32 gb solid state Video (5.5g) Ipod.

Read my tutorial on how I created this 32Gb monster CF Video Ipod ….

iFlash Ipod Flash Adaptor – The wait is finally over!!

Finally, after some delays the day has come to launch the Apple 5G Ipod Compact Flash Adaptor – iFlash to it’s friends.

This iFlash has been totally redesigned to provide the ultimate plug and play solution to upgrading your Video Ipod to use Compact Flash cards.

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Apple Video Ipod – Battery Life analysis HDD vs. CF

As promised here is my comprehensive battery life test. I measured the battery life of the Apple Video Ipod for playing video and audio, and then did it all again to see how the compact flash version compared.

This article is the definitive guide to how much playtime to expect from your iPod.

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Modding : Apple Video Ipod (5g & 5.5g) – The Compact Flash Version

Apple Video Ipod is a great music player and the ultimate in chic design – but have you suffered one too many times at the hands of the click of death?? Well suffer no more – I introduce to you the Apple Ipod to Compact Flash convertor (probably the Microsoft Zune to Compact Flash and iRiver to CF)…..