Parrot Anafi – Skycontroller charging phone.

This is part of a series of articles about the Parrot Anafi, we will cover dismantling, repairing and modding. For this this article we will be modifying the Skycontroller 3. On Android phones the Parrot Anafi remote controller (the Skycontroller 3 or SC3) charges the phone that is plugged in…

T-Mobile Trafalgar Square Karaoke Sing-A-Long….

Have you seen the latest T-Mobile lifes for sharing advert ? – well meet the person who had the daunting task of making 161 channels of radio microphones work, now you can have an insight to the serious technical challenges I faced and how it all worked out…….

WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

I have updated my Multipage Toolkit to version 2.6

It is now easier to use and better integrated in to the wordpress experience….
New options to view multipage posts on a single page – great new feature to add custom seperator for advertising code or just pretty graphics between pages.