WordPress Plugin News (Multipage toolkit)

WordPress Plugin News (Multipage toolkit)

I am happy announce that my plugin is now hosted on wordpress. The plugin homepage is http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multi-page-toolkit/.

This means it is now easier to stay up to date with any version changes to the plugin and I do have a few ideas that I am working on.

19 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin News (Multipage toolkit)

  1. gautam

    hey i am done, its working great, i just forgot to add before my pagetitle.
    one question, i want to show the selected page title using TA_display_pages();
    for example if the page title “my page” is the current page then i have to display “my page” some where on the page, please guide.


  2. gautam

    Hi Tarkan
    yes the plugin is instaled properly, the location is : wp-content/plugins/multi-page-toolkit
    i can see the options in admin settings and wp posteditor, but once i insert a page in my post i dont se pagination in my post.i have already added “TA_content_jump(1);” in my theme single.php

  3. Tarkan Post author

    It should work fine. I am using it on this site which is wp 2.7.1.

    Have you installed it correctly, the plugin files should be in their own folder?

  4. gautam

    hi, first of all, congratulations for creating such a useful plugin.

    i am using wp version 2.7.1
    the plugin is not working for me, is it because of the wp version i m using?
    do u have any work arround for this version of wp.


  5. Tarkan Post author


    I understand what you mean – not sure if I can do anything about it for the next version, sadly I am very busy at the moment.

  6. Ray

    I guess your comments here didn’t let me demonstrate, so to reiterate, I want it to always only show a set of eight numbers, and not all twenty page numbers, if I actually have twenty pages that is.

  7. Ray

    Thanks Tarkan. Is there a way to display a limited amount of numbers. Like the previous question. If I have 20 pages, I don’t want to show all twenty numbers. Would still like to know if there’s a way to show a certain number of “page numbers” as you are reading the post.


    In other words, I don’t want it to look like this:


    It would be too much to show.


  8. Ray

    Hi, thanks for the plugin. How do I get rid of “View All”? I only want <>.

    And is there a way to limit the number of numbers that show up. Meaning if I have 20 pages, I don’t want to have 20 numbers show up. Like if I’m on page 7 I would only like to see


    your help is much appreciated.


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  10. Nono

    Hi there !

    I installed the plugin and copy the code in my theme, but the statement is false, and thus use wp_link_pages() instead… I’m using WP 2.5.
    Any help ?

  11. Tarkan Post author


    I have sent you an email, as your single.php.txt is missing code.

    Your issues could because you are not using a custom permalink structure – to be honest I have not tested the plugin with the standard (non) permalink structure.

  12. vichenze

    first of all thanks for this useful plugin !
    I have a little problem with the link between each page:

    here the website : http://uamj.ht-goals.net/

    Look at the only one article, the quick jump list is correctly generated with the four title, but links are wrong :
    http://uamj.ht-goals.net/?p=32/ instead of (I think) http://uamj.ht-goals.net/?p=3&page=2

    single.php available here : http://uamj.ht-goals.net/single.php.txt

    Have you an idea of how can I resolve this, or there is a problem with my theme (green-bug-10) ?

    Thanks a lot 😉

  13. Jimmy

    I installed Multipage with WP 2.3.3 & everything is working fine except one & I’ve tried alot to make it work but failed:

    The pagetitle is not working in anyway

    Here is my code:

    This is demo post

    This is demo SECOND Page

    This is demo THIRD Page

    Neither in my theme nor with WP default theme. Please tell me what can be the problem, may be I’m doing something wrong.

    Anyhow Thanks for creating nice plugin !

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