Future Sonics \ XtremeMac FS1 Earphones

Future Sonics \ XtremeMac FS1 Earphones

Future Sonic FS1 EarphonesThese are Future Sonics latest consumer canal earphones, branded for sale by XtremeMac. As consumer earphones go at approx. £65 (~$150) these are not cheap but are they worth your hard earned cash?

Supplied with the earphones are a good selection of ear fittings of various sizes. Three pairs of the expanding foam inserts (small, medium & large), two pairs of the double flange rubber inserts (small & large). There is a small wax cleaning tools as well a nice pseudo leather pouch to store your earphones while not in use.

Future Sonic FS1 PouchAs I recommend for all these types of earphones it is worth experminenting with the various fittings, look for good comfort and sealing between your ear and the drivers. Due to the infinite baffle design of these earphones the bass response is totally dependent on the seal you achieve between your ear and the earphone.

For me personally I find my ear canals are very sensitive to having things shoved in them! So I find the foam inserts give me the best levels of comfort and seal.  The foam also has the added benefit of resistance free insertion and removal (if you follow my instructions), when most of the skin chaffing happens with the rubber inserts. As a side note Future Sonic foams are a lot softer and more pliable compared to other brands such as Ultimate Ears or Shure. I did not feel this made them any worse in creating a seal or holding the earphones in place.
Future Sonic FS1 Accessories

I spent around 3 weeks listening to these earphones, over that time they performed extremely well. These are one of the most comfortable earphones I have tried, the earphones are light so is the cable, but most importantly the length of fittings are longer. This has the benefit of reducing the pressure on the ear canal by spreading the weight of the earphone over a greater surface area. The earphones stay virtually flush with the ears so resting your head while wearing them is possible, good for people who sleep to music.Future Sonic FS1 Cable

Curved shape of the earphone allows them to be used with the cable exiting up and around the back of the ears or just straight down. Of course straight down means if the cable gets tugged the chances of the earphones being pulled out are greater.

On the ergonomic front the only downside has got to be the length of the cable at only 105cm (~45 inches) is too short for comfortable use.

3 thoughts on “Future Sonics \ XtremeMac FS1 Earphones

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  2. Tarkan Post author

    Sadly you are part of a breed of people where most of these earphones cannot help.

    However I really think you need to stick to transducer based earphones such as the Ultimate Ears 5Pro or Shure SE310, E3c, E4c. These kind of earphones are not as warm as normal coil based types, but they do excel when it comes to transient and fast attacking sounds i.e. drums.

    If you also are after some depth to your sound and some bottom end – then the only earphones I would even bother with are the dual drivers – and here I would suggest the Westone UM2’s or if you can push the budget the triple driver Shure SE530.

    Not only are these earphones multi driver but I also think they would have headroom you need.

    Hope this helps.


  3. byron

    Which of the earphones are best fr drum sound. I am a professinal drummer and want the ultimate drum in ear monitor.

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