WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

I have updated my Multipage Toolkit to version 2.6 .

This is a major update, but you will be glad to hear it does not break any existing installations of the previous version.

Changes in this release include the following :-

New auto-insert option to display multipage toolkit on multipage Pages as well as Posts.

ALL pages link with custom seperator

The plugin by default now displays a ALL pages link in navigation links, this in effect allows the ability to display multipage posts on a single page – some people do not like multipage posts – so this fixes that!!

You can now add custom seperators between pages when viewing single page. Great for adding advertising code or extra things like images. This has been added by demand for the SEO types!!!

Visual Editor Integration

Multipage Toolkit is now fully integrated in to the WordPress Visual Editor (tinymce 3.x). What does this mean? Well as long as you are using wordpress 2.5 and above, you will now see two new buttons in your editor.

1st button, inserts page breaks i.e. adds pages to your posts – creating multipage posts.

2nd button, inserts and edits page titles.

Auto Insert Options Page

No more code, let me say that again no more code. Finally you can access all the powerful options available to you with the multipage toolkit right inside your admin panel. No more messing about with your theme files.

Coders you have not been forgotten…..

For people who still want to use code in their themes and need the extra level of control afforded – nothing has changed the same function calls and options still exist.

There is the addition to simplify the manual use within themes. You can now call the settings from the options page by using the following lines in your theme.

1st instance settings  <?php TA_content_jump(1); ?>
2nd instance settings <?php TA_content_jump(2); ?>

You can still make custom settings via the function call. Please read my post here, which covers all the functions and options available as well as CSS styling options.

On the next page I cover the new features in detail…….


165 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

  1. Ken

    it seems doesn’t save any settings i have made. i wanted to make the page number align right. but it doesn’t work at all….also all function as well.

  2. kadir

    hello tarkan.
    When i make active this plugins My category and tag pages give 404 error
    Before my upgrade wordpress, this error didnt appear
    plz fix this error for wordpress 3.1

  3. Tarkan Post author


    I have actually revised how the plugin inits itself, with the help of a wordpress dev. Hopefully that will fix your issues.

    I will send you a copy of the beta tonight.

  4. Chris

    HI before i complain 😉 i must say kudos for the developer.
    Nice plugin, but on line 335 the plugin is killing all later added rewrite rules.
    Took me 1 day to find out that it was this marvelous plugin.
    Now i need to fixed it or hoping that the developer will fix it so i dont have to fork this plugin (i really dont want to, so busy me)

    real life example:
    Custom post type, public, queryable, doesnt work, because at every init(hook) it flushing the rewrite rules, so it strippes all custom rewrites?
    so i get a 404, if i deinstall the plugin everything works great, or i can use this plugin without pretty urls then it also wordks flawlwssly.

    I hope its understandable mine explanation.



  5. Sam


    This plugin would be perfect for what we need to do (paginate one-file, markdown syntax books) but unfortunately it does not work.

    I tried it on a wordpress 3.0p5 install, with default theme, and when the plugin is activated , navigating the site gives empty pages.

    Admin dashboard is fine though.

    Do you have any hints on how I could fix that?

  6. Grigoriy

    Hello Tarkan

    Your plug-in generates an extra paragraph tags. Like for example here: http://cl33755.tmweb.ru/2010/11/obshhestvennyie-institutyi-i-sistema/ (Line 44, Column 735 and Line 68, Column 95)

    These tags does not affect to the page view, but the page does not pass validation:

    And in plugin code is not enough space in before attribute “selected”, which also causes errors in the validation.
    if ($page == $i) $output .= ‘selected=”selected”‘ ;

  7. Tarkan Post author

    The test link you sent me is to a post which is not got any pagebreaks.

    You need to add nextpage tags where you want pagebreaks.

  8. ESTetik

    Sorry, but this is a big problem. Google see just the first page. If I use Multipage, a lot of uniqe content is not visible for Google. Any Solutions?

  9. ESTetik

    Hi Tarkan,

    google just crawl the first page. the second, third … and “all pages” aren’t list on google. do you know the problem? the content of your second an third pages aren’t on google, too.

  10. urbn

    Just wanted to save that I love this plugin. It was exactlly what I was looking for.

    But… And this is a big but (butt?) there are many serious problems with the plugin, at least with wordpress 3.0.

    I can’t go into exact details about why this was happening, and I know its not the theme or other plugins I am using (I spent well over 72 hours working on this issue, several re-installs and tests).

    The issues are related to the options table getting selected, deleted and re-inserted with every page load. Every page, not just pages that use the plugin. This was adding several seconds to every page load and eatting HTTPD and MysqlD resources like you wouldn’t belive.

    Also depending on the page it would include at least 30 and upto 200 additional page queries to every page. I _Think_ it was dependent on how many links / attachments you had within the page. Loading a page with only a few links/pages/images would increase the queries a minor amount while major pages with dozens of images/pages/links would cause hundreds of additional queries. So as you can expect page load times where 5-20 seconds instead of .5 – 1.5 seconds.

    That being said I would love to see this plugin upgraded. This plugin was exactlly what I have been looking for but can’t use because of all the additional load that is added.

  11. TheFirstChris

    Hey Tarkan,
    This is the earlier Chris… I wanted to thank you for working on your plugin and for responding to us! What a relief to know that this is in the pipeline.

    If anyone figure out the issue, please post back here!


  12. Tarkan Post author

    Hi Chris,

    I am away at the moment, when I get back I can forward you a beta of my v2.7 see if that helps.

    It sounds like a time-out error, what is the speed (database read speed) of a very long page without the page breaks?

    It is possible the time it takes to combine each page into the single page is causing a timeout or error hence the issues you are seeing.

  13. Chris

    Tarkan, I’m using your neat little plugin. With longer articles we are getting unpredictable behaviour when using the Show All pages, sometimes it works, often it produces a screen with no content, just the page title and your links. At first I thought this was a conflict with a footnote widget but am now sure that it isn’t. The fact that it is most unpredictable on the longest articles might mean something. Those with only two or three pages rarely break.

    An example is here.


    I can’t find any obvious conflicts with the theme, which is Kreisi’s Display 3 in 1. WP is 3.01.

    Happy to send you a back end password if this is likely to help. But I really need an answer on this one. My client is itching to go live, but if we can’t resolve it we have to go through more than forty articles to remove the page breaks and do without them. That would be a real shame.

    Thanks for your thoughts.



  14. Vic


    I just started using the plugin and I was wondering when the next update i.e. Version 2.7 is slated to be released?

    Would appreciate it if you could give us an approximate timeline, since I have the issue of not being able to post under sub categories as stated by Ray above and I have withheld the publication of those post, since I am waiting for an update.

    Is there a way we can subscribe to comments, I did not see that option on the blog.

  15. Nikhil

    Is it working for pages now. I have 1 large page, I wont to split it into multiple pages using this toolkit. is it possible to add navigation at bottom of my page? please guide

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