Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler


New Build as of 24/06/2010

So finally here it is. Squeezeplay running as a fully native application on the O2 Joggler (with some roundabout methods).

If the first paragraph does not mean anything to you then read about my intitial work with the Joggler.

Also while you are reading that article, if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version.

So this new release install squeezeplay and installs a launch icon in the O2 menu – all by executing one script, this script also takes care of updating your installation when I update the squeezeplay build or change the launch icon (which I intend to do soon!).


As always, I do these things because I like the challenge and the give back to the www – however hosting a website and serving files does cost money – so if you find this work useful please consider donating – it helps pay for my hosting costs. Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer : This modification to your Joggler can cause your Joggler to fail – and I cannot accept any responsiblity for any problems caused by running this software. You have been warned.

This guide assumes you have telnet or ssh access to your Joggler.

Login to your Joggler and execute the following commands.

cd /media
chmod a+x

When I have updated the release, to upgrade your installation to the new version, execute the following commands.

cd /media

Change Log

v1.0      Intitial release – Squeezeplay version v7.6.0 r8843m
v1.1 Updated Squeezeplay to v7.6 r8903m
New launch icon using Logitech icon
Modified 3guk skin
Removed mouse pointer cursor
Install offers optional wallpapers to download


Update ALSA kernal driver
Add remove/ uninstall option to script

83 thoughts on “Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

  1. Tarkan Post author

    The only thing I have since the update is the very poor wireless network connection – seems to be very unreliable causing all sorts of issues.

    I also seem to get several reboots overnight – not sure why….. I do wish I kept my Jogglers on the previous version!!

  2. Paul

    I realise this isn’t a support forum, but I thought I’d throw it out. Since the Joggler updated its firmware in July, I re-ran the USB key boot and installed Squeezeplay again. I’m now getting regular freezes on the main menu screen if they are left for a few days. Anyone else getting this, and is there a fix?

    Also, Alasdair, do you have a link to instructions for changing the autoboot into Squeezeplay as I’d like this also.

  3. Alasdair

    Oh another q, how easy it was it to get your cross compiling environment up and running for compiling jive?

    I would love to start hacking away at things – such as squeezeplay menu access to other apps

  4. Alasdair

    Hi Tarkan,

    I’m really loving squeezeplay so much on my joggler that I’ve set it to start instead of tango altogether. Really easy, just needs a change in /openpeak/tango/run & an updated (needs to unmute audio via amixer)

    No wait for the O2 crap at the start, and I’m not seeing the audio bug either anymore – though that may just be luck.

    Might be nice to update the install script to allow this as an option. Easy to start tango, on exit from squeezeplay. (Though I just have squeezeplay restarting as I don’t use any of the openpeak apps).

    don’t have regular internet access right now but will check in when I get it up and running


  5. greg

    hi there, how do i get my own wallpaper on the squeezebox app on the joggler? i cant find a way to set ur own image as wallpaper so i telnet’d in, then cd /media/squeezingtarkan/squeezeplay/share/jive/applets/SetupWallpaper/wallpaper/ (where it looks like they’re kept) and then did a wget tp a 800×480 jpg on my dropbox, sucessfully downloaded it, and also changed the file permissions to 775 (-rwxr-xr-x) and made the owner root, so it had the same as all the other files (blackmoon.jpg, blacksun.jpg etc) but it doesn’t seem to appear in the list.

    am i doing something wrong?


  6. Gomez

    Hi Kevin
    The problem you have is the Squeezecentre on the Buffalo Nas is newer than the squeezeplay on the joggler. Unfortunately there’s no newer version available for the Joggler yet (as far as I know, so the only thing you can try is to put an older version of Squeezecentre on your Nas until the joggler gets updated.

  7. Kevin

    Hi, this is great, I installed this last night and needed to put SqueezeCenter on my laptop as my Buffalo NAS upnp server doesn’t work with this. I pointed SqueezeCenter to the NAS drive and all was well. This evening, in an attempt to do away with the need to run the laptop, I followed the instructions from the logitec forums for installing SqueezeCenter on my Buffalo NAS drive ( This all works fine but is running v 7.3.3.

    When I try and use this server on the Joggler I get the error ” needs to be updated to a newer version of the Squeezebox Server. Pleas visit… to download…”

    This is the latest version that I can use, any ideas how I can get round this.

    Thanks for all your work on this, it is much appreciated.

  8. Tarkan Post author

    Sadly it is the builtin ALSA sound driver on the Joggler which is problem.

    I am looking at trying to install the latest version of the driver – but as it is a Linux kernal driver it is hitting the boundaries of my understanding of linux!!! 🙁

  9. Stephen Wood

    Hi. Great hack for the Joggler – it does everything I want it to do now that I’ve got the iPlayer plug-in up and running.

    However – I have the same issue as Alisdair reported. If I leave the Joggler running and wake it from sleep (I have auto-dim) the audio will play for a fraction of a second (as garbage) and then there’s no more audio. Squeezebox still runs – but there’s no audio at all (i.e. not even for key-presses). I have to reboot the Joggler to get any audio back.

    Any ideas?

  10. killian

    Hi just wanted to find out how do i remove squeezplay form my joggler?I need to sell my joggler and i want to sell it in its virgin state.

  11. Dave Wyeth

    Absolutely fantastic application, but is anyone with Windows 7 x64 experiencing problems connecting to the server? I can listen to internet radio, but I can’t connect to my PC despite having installed the server and having had my Squeebox account linked to the Joggler.

  12. Dan Cleary

    Hi Tarkan, just made a donation for your beer/server costs! Once again many thanks for an excellent piece of work.


  13. Tony

    This is Brilliant!

    Regarding Wake-On-Lan, I copied the binary of etherwake from an Ubuntu installation to /usr/sbin on the joggler then added a line to

    /usr/sbin/etherwake 00:00….etc

  14. DanB

    Tried it. Used it. (Love it!)

    Have donated – please have a beer or two on me Tarkan! Thanks for the work. If others use this, please do remember to donate for the hard work.

    PS. If anyone can give Tarkan a better icon for the thumbnail in the Joggler OS, please do 😉


  15. Tarkan Post author

    Nothing to do with squeezeplay that. I have the same situation with my setup – I have not investigated it but it is probably down to the iplayer plugin / squeezeboxserver 7.6

    I am going to try and remove the iplayer and iplayer extra plugins from my squeezebox server and re-install the server. Just to see if the BBC radio works ok through the internet radio menu.

    BBC Radio used to work ok, and the only difference between then and now in my home system is the addition of the iplayer plugins.

  16. Phil

    Great work with the Squeezeplay implementation – I love it!

    I’m having a problem with the internet radio in Squeezeplay. I installed SP because the radio volume in the o2 radio is very low (compared with, say, radio in Chrome under Ubuntu on the Joggler).

    I installed the BBC Radio applet in Squeezeplayer, and the stations seem to play (display graphics / information etc.) but I don’t hear any sound – is there a setting I’m missing, or is this related to the Kernel driver that you plan to update? All non-BBC stations work perfectly.

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