Review : Ultimate Ears (UE) 4 and 4vi (iPhone version 4 vi)

I got a chance to spend a few days with the newly launched Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 4 vi, iPhone version of the also new 4.

I tested my retail version against the UE’s own Metro.Fi and Shure SE210 – see what I thought about these designed for iPhone Earphones……

Westone UM2 – Successor to the Shure E5?

You’re probably wondering whats with the title considering this is a review of the Westone UM2 earphones. Well if you have ever seen the Shure E5c earphones you would be right to think the UM2’s look like the twin brother that never was.

The E5’s have been discontinued and Shure have been left with a gap till the new SE420 are launched. To fill that gap Westone have stepped in with the UM2.

At ¬£230 they are not exactly pocket change goods but they are considerably cheaper than the Shure E5’s – can they outperform the original dual driver earphones?….

Samsung D900 review – A Critique

I change my mobile once in a blue moon, if I was to put a figure on it I would say once every 2 to 3 years. So changing phones is a big thing and not an easy decision to make.

After a month of reading reviews, walking in and out of phone shops. I finally decided, meet the Samsung SGH-D900 Ultra Edition (12.9) to give it’s full name.

Read my feelings about this phone….