Welcome to my blog.

This blog-stroke-website is my way of putting something back in to web it will not come close to what I have taken out but hey we all have to do our bit!


Well if you have not guessed by now my name is Tarkan.

I am an Electronic Engineer by profession, I currently work as a technical manager at a company which provides radio equipment for the live entertainment industry. So I am involved in behind the scene kind of stuff that helps create some of the concerts and television programmes that you see.

Beyond RF equipment, I have in recent years dabbled in website and database development work which I find quite challenging and exciting!


So what are you to expect from this site, well firstly expect to see the odd rant sounding off at the strangeness of everyday life and at the mechanisms put in place to control everyday life i.e. politics. I will place these posts under the category ‘Bollotics’ I can hear the why’s already! Well in my view of the world B*ll*cks and Politics are interchangeable terms so I bought them together! stroke of genius!

Moving on swiftly, you can expect to find other more pleasant items which are of interest to me.

Photography – I have really got in to photography over the last 3-4years massing over 15000 images, making my way through several cameras, and plastering the walls with large prints. Visit my gallery.

Gadgets– I am a self-confessed gadget nut, so expect to see some reviews of ‘stuff’ especially when I have things to moan about (us British are born to whinge!!).

Technology– This kind of overlaps with gadgets but I do love technology and especially the application of technology. So expect to read about things I find ‘neat‘ ‘cool‘ ‘wow’.

Home Media– This mates technology and gadgets to produce what will be happening in the home in the future, except no need to wait for the future some amazing things are happening right now!

If thats not enougth for you I may even post about the things I get up to at work which I think people may find interesting.

So please visit regularly.

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  1. Tarkan Post author

    Hi Dean,

    Yes I have heard of Westone – they make good ear monitoring products. With Elacin they license their range of ER hearing protectors, so in your case your audiologist will probably get Westone to process your ear impression and make the silicon cutom fit sleeve but the filters themselves will be from Elacin.

    In my opinion Elacin filters are the best, I have tried others but general flatness and performance of them have been great – so I would go with what she has offered you. Just confirm you are getting the Elacin ER15 filters.

    15db as per my review, is the best performance / compromise attenuation for general use – it is prefect for loud concerts and still allows enough through to use in situation where you still have to communicate with people around you. I would suggest trying out the 9db as in your case they may suite you better, if you have the budget why not just buy both filter set and then you can swap them at will – most of the licensed Elacin produced hearing protecters have changeable filters. The filters themselves will be much cheaper than the $165 you have been quoted.

    Depending on your ear size, they should not be noticed. If you get them made in clear silicon – then no one will notice you are wearing them – they are very discrete.

    Good luck..

  2. Dean Welsh

    Yo Tarkan,

    I live in Kansas in the USA. I stumbled upon your site while trying to learn more about hearing protection/filters.

    I teach elementary Physical Education. This year marks my 22nd year of doing so. The noise is getting to me.

    I was tested yesterday. The audiologist told me that I have no hearing loss. Cool. She also recommended that I consider custom fit filters like the ones you reviewed – the best known product is Elacin’s ER range FlexComfort hearing protectors.

    She works with a company called Westone. Have you heard anything about their products. She told me that it would cost about 165 bucks to get a set. And, ironically – she also recommended a 15 dcb filter as in your above mentioned review.

    Would you still recommend the one that you reviewed above? Outstanding review by the way. Did they look ‘nerdy’ when they were in your ears, or were they hardly noticeable?

    I can’t retire for at least 10 more years. And, I don’t see myself changing careers (I’m 46 years old and have a wife and 3 young daughters – ages 3, 5 and 7). So, I’m kind of trapped by the ‘golden ceiling’ concept.

    Any info you can share about this topic (hearing protection/filters) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much,

    Dean Welsh

  3. Chris

    Danny – If you want that same effect, do what I did: look at the page’s source. It’s right in there.

    (I’ll give you a hint, it’s a JS effect called L____B_x)


  4. Danny Ching

    Hello Tarkan,

    I browsed thru your web page (mainly the iPod new article) and loved the way the HTML / Macromdeia work.
    As a fellow webster, I wanted to know where could I get the code.

    I would love to have similar effect display picture (enlarge/grey out background) on my personal webspace.

    Hope you can assist.

    Kind Regards.

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