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1st January 2012

Happy New Year To All

So another year has come and gone. I wish all my readers a wonderful New Year and may it be a prosperous one at that…… (more…)

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6th May 2008

iFlash Compact Flash Compatibility – Help Needed…

As my iFlash iPod Compact Flash adapter has grown in popularity – so has the problem of Compact Flash card compatibility.

I have decided to put together a list of known working and non-working CF cards and I need your help…. (more…)

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13th April 2008

WordPress 2.5 running ..

Finally, found some time to update the back-end of my website to Wordpress 2.5. Update was pretty painless, except I used this opportunity to update and change the theme and some of the plugins used.

Probably broken something,┬áso please let me know if something is not working…. (more…)

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18th August 2007

Site Update

Quick note to update you all on whats happening on the site.

I am currently playing with the general layout of the sidebars to accommodate some advertising. So if you see anything that interests you please click through – hopefully the money raised will allow me to switch to a faster host.

Reviews which are currently being polished off are the Shure SE420 and SE530, so expect them in the next few weeks. (more…)

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17th April 2007

New Shure SE210, SE310, and SE530 earphones

No new posts lately as I have been busy trying to finish more earphone reviews.

So adding to my work load is Shure’s new SE range of canal earphones. I have managed to obtain the SE210, SE310, and the top of the range SE530. The reviews should be posted up in the next couple of weeks, with lots of photo’s and opinion. (more…)

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27th February 2007

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog.

I have setup and uploaded my first photo album – holiday in peru. I should have more albums uploaded soon.

Next few weeks should see some posts. Hopefully I will be finishing my earphone reviews. Having spent the last few months demoing various top end earphones I cannot wait to post my findings.

After that look forward to my review of the Microsoft Windows Home Server (beta), once I actually get round to installing and playing with the thing.

I am still tinkering with the site code so expect to see the odd change here or there. (more…)

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