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  • Review : Ultimate Ears (UE) Super.fi 4 and 4vi (iPhone version 4 vi)

15th January 2008

Review : Ultimate Ears (UE) Super.fi 4 and 4vi (iPhone version 4 vi) (4 pages)

I got a chance to spend a few days with the newly launched Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 4 vi, iPhone version of the also new Super.fi 4.

I tested my retail version against the UE’s own Metro.Fi and Shure SE210 – see what I thought about these designed for iPhone Earphones…… (more…)

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22nd December 2007

Review : ACS / Elacin Custom Hearing Protection (ER9 ER15 ER25) (2 pages)

Tinnitus is not something you want and after one too many concerts I started to get the warning signs. My search for the best in Hearing Protection lead me to the Elacin ER range of Custom Fit Hearing Protectors. ER-9, ER-15, ER-25 all offer different attenuation levels.

Read what I thought about these and at £190 ($380), did they end my search?….. (more…)

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5th August 2007

Review : Shure SE310 Earphones better than the SE210 ? (2 pages)

After more delays and a side diversion to finish my Ipod CF mod – I present my SE310 review, is it better or worse than its cheaper sidekick the SE210?

Find out what I thought about the second in line – Shure SE310 canal earphones review….. (more…)

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8th July 2007

Review : Shure SE210 Earphones – Analysed (3 pages)

After a very long delay I have finally been able to get my thoughts written about the new Shure range of canal earphones. In total Shure have released 4 new SE earphones, ranging from approximately £90 to a wallet busting £330.

Find out what I thought about the new baby of the SE range – Shure SE210 canal earphones review….. (more…)

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28th April 2007

Westone UM2 – Successor to the Shure E5? (3 pages)

You’re probably wondering whats with the title considering this is a review of the Westone UM2 earphones. Well if you have ever seen the Shure E5c earphones you would be right to think the UM2’s look like the twin brother that never was.

The E5’s have been discontinued and Shure have been left with a gap till the new SE420 are launched. To fill that gap Westone have stepped in with the UM2.

At £230 they are not exactly pocket change goods but they are considerably cheaper than the Shure E5’s – can they outperform the original dual driver earphones?…. (more…)

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4th March 2007

Future Sonics \ XtremeMac FS1 Earphones (3 pages)

These are Future Sonics latest consumer canal earphones, branded for sale by XtremeMac. As consumer earphones go at approx. £65 (~$150) these are not cheap but are they worth your hard earned cash?

Read my review to find out what I made of them.. (more…)

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