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14th September 2009

T-Mobile Trafalgar Square Karaoke Sing-A-Long…. (2 pages)

Have you seen the latest T-Mobile lifes for sharing advert ? – well meet the person who had the daunting task of making 161 channels of radio microphones work, now you can have an insight to the serious technical challenges I faced and how it all worked out……. (more…)

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17th March 2007

Chrome does Fame Academy

If you’ve read my Fame Academy post then you’ll know what I am going on about here. If not go and read it!

Many people have asked me about the presenters microphones, shiny and bling they say.

Well in recent years like so many other things Radio microphones have turned in to a fashion statement, the alta ego of the person using them if you like. I remember when I was at the Brit Awards in 2001 and Eminem performed using his platinum Sennheiser radio microphone reputed to have cost over £20,000 (~$40000) each (he had a spare as well!). His monitor engineer summed it up when I asked wasn’t that over … (more…)

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17th March 2007

Comic Relief does Fame Academy

It has been a busy few weeks at work preparing and getting ready equipment for the BBC’s Comic Relief does Fame Academy. This is the first time we have supplied equipment for this particular show.

Fame Academy is the BBC’s attempt at reality TV. The concept is a cross between X Factor and Big Brother, where we spy watch ‘students’ living with some of there time taken up by musical training and other various related activities. This is then followed up by a TV show where each ‘student’ struts their stuff before being ridiculed by the resident … (more…)

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