Westone UM2 – Successor to the Shure E5?

You’re probably wondering whats with the title considering this is a review of the Westone UM2 earphones. Well if you have ever seen the Shure E5c earphones you would be right to think the UM2’s look like the twin brother that never was.

The E5’s have been discontinued and Shure have been left with a gap till the new SE420 are launched. To fill that gap Westone have stepped in with the UM2.

At ¬£230 they are not exactly pocket change goods but they are considerably cheaper than the Shure E5’s – can they outperform the original dual driver earphones?….

New Shure SE210, SE310, and SE530 earphones

No new posts lately as I have been busy trying to finish more earphone reviews.

So adding to my work load is Shure’s new SE range of canal earphones. I have managed to obtain the SE210, SE310, and the top of the range SE530. The reviews should be posted up in the next couple of weeks, with lots of photo’s and opinion.