WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit

WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit

Create Page Title / Headings

To create page titles using this plugin is very easy.  Since version 2.1 The Visual Editor has button for insertion of nextpage and pagetitle.

When you are editing or writing a post, switch to CODE view and type in the following tag to create page breaks:


Anywhere inside each page add (including the starting page) the following tag:

<!–pagetitle:PAGE TITLE HERE–>
Replacing PAGE TITLE HERE with your actual page title. Make sure each page has only one pagetitle tag, the plugin is not page aware – so it counts each tag in order of occurrence, so first tag becomes title for first page, second tag becomes title for second page, so on…..

Function TA_content_jump

Since version 2.1, the options page can auto-insert navigation in to the posts.

You can also call the settings from the options page directly inside your theme using the following code.

1st Instance Options – <?php TA_content_jump(1); ?>

2nd Instance Options – <?php TA_content_jump(2); ?>

Otherwise you can use the code below to set the options in your function call.

Insert the following code in to your single post theme files, usually single.php:

<?php TA_content_jump(); ?>

The code is best inserted before or after the page content is displayed, so the navigation appears at the top or bottom of the page. Here is the code as used in my single.php file

<div align=”center”><?php TA_content_jump(‘Page :’,”, 2, 2, 0, False, ‘«’, ‘»’); ?></div><div align=”center”><?php TA_content_jump(); ?></div>

The above produces the navigation links you see at the bottom of this page.


There are several options with this function. Here is an outline:

  • Quickjump method – Drop Down List or Direct Page Links  or Ordered List
  • Quickjump using page titles or page numbers
  • Standard navigation using previous or next links
  • Title navigation using page titles as the previous or next link

TA_content_jump($before, $after, $title_number, $quick_type, $nav_type, $nav_number, $previouspagelink, $nextpagelink, $firstpagetext, $lastpagetext, $display_all, $display_all_text) 


$before = ‘<p>’
$after = ‘</p>’
$title_number = 2  (used when quick_type set to 2, adds page number to page title 0 = no number, 1 = Page Title (1/3), 2 =  1. Page Title) 
$quick_type = 1  (quick jump navigation type 0 = do not display ,1 = Drop Down List ,2 = page number links, 3 = Ordered List) 
$nav_type = 2  (navigation type 0 = do not display, 1 = use page titles as next or previous, 2 = use $previouspagelink/$nextpagelink as next or previous links)
$nav_number = TRUE  (only used when nav_type = 1, if TRUE page titles preceded by page number) 
$previouspagelink = ‘«’
$nextpagelink = ‘»’
$firstpagetext = ‘On First Page’ (text to display when on first or last page when using nav_type 1)
$lastpagetext = ‘On Last Page’
$display_all = TRUE (Display ALL page link on navigation)

$display_all_text = ‘View All’ (All page link name
 **NOTE** nav_type is switched to 2 when post has no page titles !!!

 <?php TA_content_jump(‘Page :’,”, 2, 2, 0, False, ”, ”); ?>

Page : 1 2 3

On the next page I go over the various styling options available…

126 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit

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  2. Tarkan Post author

    Ok, Sorry I just realised I am running a beta version on my website.

    I have emailed you the beta version, to try on your website.

  3. Tarkan Post author


    Have you tried de-activating then activating the plugin?

    I just did that on my site and view all is now working ok.

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  5. Assad

    I have installed the toolkit and have filled the options in settings of plugin, but still I dont see any changes in the posts. They are still appearing on a single page and i have to scroll down the whole page to reach the bottom.

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