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  • Teaser: The 1Tb iPod

24th March 2014

Teaser: The 1Tb iPod

I am working on something and it is time to drop a teaser. The 1TB iPod. (more…)

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10th March 2014

Prepare SDXC (ExFat) for use with the iPod

Learn how to prepare your ExFAT Formatted SDXC card to use in the iPod. Some factory fresh 64Gb and 128Gb SDXC cards have Master Boot Records / Parition tables which can cause problems for the iPod…. (more…)

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15th February 2014

iFlash iPod SD vs. CF – Power Consumption Analysis

Something many people have been asking about, how does using SD cards instead of CF impact running times?? I have analysed the power consumption and battery life difference between SD and CF used with the iFlash on a 7g iPod Classic. Here are my findings…… (more…)

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26th December 2012

iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards

So many people have been asking for this – finally my iFlash combined with an SD to CF Adapter allows you to use all them cheap SDHC / SDXC memory cards…….read more…… (more…)

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27th September 2012

Two Position RC Servo Controller

I built my own electronic locking system using an RC servo, the circuit is so simple I thought I would share it with others who may find as useful. It moves the servo between two programmed positions on the input of an external trigger voltage.

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9th June 2010

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

Final launch and release of a full integrated edition of squeezeplay running on a native Joggler. Enjoy…. (more…)

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27th May 2010

Guide: O2 Joggler and Logitech Squeezeplay

Joggler great little touchscreen mini-pc – perfect to run Logitech’s Squeezeplay. Read my guide to installing and running Squeezeplay on the original Joggler operating system… (more…)

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10th March 2009

The Ultimate GPS Solution for Nikon? (5 pages)

Geo-tagging new buzz thing but trying to do it on a Nikon DSLR proved hard – so I made my own. Welcome to my take on the Ultimate GPS Solution for Nikon cameras.

Read how and what I did……. (more…)

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13th January 2009

Modding: Audiophile meets iPod (diyMod) (3 pages)

Amongst the modding audiophile community there is a small band of people who are after the best possible sound from their portable audio players. The concept is simple, bypass all the poor quality SMD components and feed the DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor) output directly in to an external high quality headphone amp.

This is a guest article written by one those people….. (more…)

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6th July 2008

Apple iPod Classic add an iFlash ??

Compact Flash finally installed , tested and prodded inside Apple’s latest iPod Classic. Now in its 6th generation it was time to see if the iFlash could improve the user experience and bullet-proof the hardware. (more…)

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