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10th March 2009

The Ultimate GPS Solution for Nikon? (5 pages)

Geo-tagging new buzz thing but trying to do it on a Nikon DSLR proved hard – so I made my own. Welcome to my take on the Ultimate GPS Solution for Nikon cameras.

Read how and what I did……. (more…)

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22nd April 2008

Nikon Nikkor AFS 70-200 VR Lens Repair

I have always wanted to own the Nikon AF-S 70-200 f/2.8 VR lens, which is one serious piece of kit. It is legendary for its handling and sharpness. Not able to afford a new one, I opted for a cheaper slightly damaged secondhand model – read how I restored it to factory new condition …. (more…)

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31st December 2007

Phottix Wireless Remote Camera Control

For long exposure photography and for sharp photo’s, you need to use a remote shutter control. Why be bound by a cable to your camera when you can have wireless.

Read my review to see if cordless is best with this wireless camera shutter control…. (more…)

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18th August 2007

Site Update

Quick note to update you all on whats happening on the site.

I am currently playing with the general layout of the sidebars to accommodate some advertising. So if you see anything that interests you please click through – hopefully the money raised will allow me to switch to a faster host.

Reviews which are currently being polished off are the Shure SE420 and SE530, so expect them in the next few weeks. (more…)

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