WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

I have updated my Multipage Toolkit to version 2.6 .

This is a major update, but you will be glad to hear it does not break any existing installations of the previous version.

Changes in this release include the following :-

New auto-insert option to display multipage toolkit on multipage Pages as well as Posts.

ALL pages link with custom seperator

The plugin by default now displays a ALL pages link in navigation links, this in effect allows the ability to display multipage posts on a single page – some people do not like multipage posts – so this fixes that!!

You can now add custom seperators between pages when viewing single page. Great for adding advertising code or extra things like images. This has been added by demand for the SEO types!!!

Visual Editor Integration

Multipage Toolkit is now fully integrated in to the WordPress Visual Editor (tinymce 3.x). What does this mean? Well as long as you are using wordpress 2.5 and above, you will now see two new buttons in your editor.

1st button, inserts page breaks i.e. adds pages to your posts – creating multipage posts.

2nd button, inserts and edits page titles.

Auto Insert Options Page

No more code, let me say that again no more code. Finally you can access all the powerful options available to you with the multipage toolkit right inside your admin panel. No more messing about with your theme files.

Coders you have not been forgotten…..

For people who still want to use code in their themes and need the extra level of control afforded – nothing has changed the same function calls and options still exist.

There is the addition to simplify the manual use within themes. You can now call the settings from the options page by using the following lines in your theme.

1st instance settings  <?php TA_content_jump(1); ?>
2nd instance settings <?php TA_content_jump(2); ?>

You can still make custom settings via the function call. Please read my post here, which covers all the functions and options available as well as CSS styling options.

On the next page I cover the new features in detail…….

165 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin : Multipage Toolkit 2.6

  1. Stef

    Hi Tarkan – one more issue with the latest version of wordpress – we constantly have to deactivate and then reactivate the plugin in order for it to work correctly with new posts. Otherwise the page links will link to another page. Any tips on how to correct this? Thanks.

  2. Tarkan Post author

    Yes I am aware of this problem – it is because the latest wordpress version has moved to TinyCME 4, and sadly I have got so many projects going on at the moment, I have not had the time to get my head around all the changes and the necessary updates.

    Stef, great find – will test it on my site as well.

  3. Stef

    Actually I solved my own problem. For anyone that upgrades to the latest version of wordpress but is still having trouble with pagetitle button not working in tinymce, copy the file tiny_mce_popup.js from the main install and overwrite the one in \wp-content\plugins\multi-page-toolkit\buttons\js\ and it will fix the issue.

  4. Stef

    Hi Tarkan, been using your plugin for a long time! Just upgraded wordpress to 3.9.1 and TinyMCE is having an issue with the insert pagetitle button. The next page button works fine, but insert pagetitle brings up the following errors when the pagetitle dialog opens:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mce_inline’ of undefined /wp-content/plugins/multi-page-toolkit/buttons/js/tiny_mce_popup.js:47
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘plugin_url’ of undefined wp-content/plugins/multi-page-toolkit/buttons/js/tiny_mce_popup.js:47

    And this error when the insert button on the dialog is clicked

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘insert’ of undefined dialog.htm:15

    Can you please help, thanks!

  5. Tarkan Post author

    Hi, I will send you the beta – I do hope to push an update on WordPress, but I am kind of stuck on the best way to hook in to wordpress, while it does work and works well I think it can work better.

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