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  • Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

9th June 2010

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

By Tarkan | Permanent Link
Updated Wed, 23rd June 2010


New Build as of 24/06/2010

So finally here it is. Squeezeplay running as a fully native application on the O2 Joggler (with some roundabout methods).

If the first paragraph does not mean anything to you then read about my intitial work with the Joggler.

Also while you are reading that article, if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version.

So this new release install squeezeplay and installs a launch icon in the O2 menu – all by executing one script, this script also takes care of updating your installation when I update the squeezeplay build or change the launch icon (which I intend to do soon!).


As always, I do these things because I like the challenge and the give back to the www – however hosting a website and serving files does cost money – so if you find this work useful please consider donating – it helps pay for my hosting costs. Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer : This modification to your Joggler can cause your Joggler to fail – and I cannot accept any responsiblity for any problems caused by running this software. You have been warned.

This guide assumes you have telnet or ssh access to your Joggler.

Login to your Joggler and execute the following commands.

cd /media
wget http://www.tarkan.info/images/squeezing_tarkan_install.sh
chmod a+x squeezing_tarkan_install.sh

When I have updated the release, to upgrade your installation to the new version, execute the following commands.

cd /media

Change Log

v1.0      Intitial release – Squeezeplay version v7.6.0 r8843m
v1.1 Updated Squeezeplay to v7.6 r8903m
New launch icon using Logitech icon
Modified 3guk skin
Removed mouse pointer cursor
Install offers optional wallpapers to download


Update ALSA kernal driver
Add remove/ uninstall option to script


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  1. 1 On June 9th, 2010, Gomez said:

    Congratulations Mate works like a charm listening to it now :-) A quick observation the sound effects volume is a lot higher than the music volume. Not a biggy though you can turn the effects down. I’ll continue testing tomorrow.

    Thanks again Mate

  2. 2 On June 9th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    You can adjust that in the settings/audio settings/sound effects menu.

  3. 3 On June 10th, 2010, FreeTV247 said:

    Awesome Tarkan! Uninstalled your old version which needed to be activated by SSH and installed new. PRESTO! Nice new icon on Joggler! Quit back to O2 menu works, launch back to Squeezeplayer. It’s all good – THANKS!


    P.S. Strangely enough, the dimmer doesn’t seem to be activating anymore. I’ll look into it. Also, ubuntu had such a larger volume difference… Can we figure out a way to get a louder base volume? Both my squeezeplayer and O2 volume are about even, however when I used to boot into Ubuntu, the volume was about 25% louder. Again, thanks!

  4. 4 On June 10th, 2010, Gomez said:

    Hi Tarkan
    I’ve just sent you some Beer tokens via PayPal Mate. Squeezeplay running well been listening to LastFm all morning not 1 glitch Excellent stuff.
    When I try to play Internet radio .WMA streams I get an error :unable to play file type ?
    although I had the same error when trying to play them on Discas image with squeezeplay. Must be a codec thing Any Ideas ?

    All the best Gomez…..

  5. 5 On June 10th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    I am not an expert on this part, as I do not use Joggler for playback just to control duet receivers I have.

    One thing you can try is see if you can get the squeezecenter server to transcode stuff before sending it the Joggler – I am pretty sure there is an option on server to do that.

    And thanks for the donation!!!!

  6. 6 On June 10th, 2010, jonny said:

    thanks for a great app! i look forward to the update!

    is there a way to register the player with my account? when i click on the ‘my apps’ button it says i need to register the player but i cant register it?

    do you know a way in which i can? other than this the thing is awesome!

  7. 7 On June 10th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    Yes, in the test menu on Squeezeplay there is an option to register which will register the device with your squeezebox account.

  8. 8 On June 11th, 2010, jonny said:

    thanks tarkan for a wonderful app. iv donated you some money, not much but i am a student! hope to see more updates, if needed, in the future!

  9. 9 On June 11th, 2010, Paul said:

    Hi there, installed beautifully on 3 devices so well worth a donation. I’m really happy but a couple of humble suggestions:

    Is it possible to add a Home button to the top menu? You can get quite deep into menus and pressing back several times to get back to home.

    I had some slight problems getting the device registered for MyApps, first it said the player was already registered to someone else, and then when I found the “Enter New Details” section the Continue button after UN/PW didn’t do anything requiring power on/off. I think this might have been my fault as I’d tried to set it up on PC via squeeze server first. It did however eventually set up right.

    The “Bounce” screensaver displayed when playing music displays a blank screen and then doesn’t deactivate requiring power on/off again.

    The supplied backgrounds are obviously designed for a smaller screen and they tile, perhaps you are able to add some nice ones in Joggler resolution? And finally, yes, the launch icon could do with being made more classy/similar to existing style :)

    Thanks again.

  10. 10 On June 11th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks you very much for the donation.

    The home bugged me as well – until I discovered that pushing and holding the back button takes you back to the home menu.

    The SN register in the test menu does seem a bit buggy I am hoping as v7.6 progresses they iron these things out – I will be updating my build, so any improvements made you will be able to upgrade to them from my installer.

    The wallpapers are pretty poor as standard – I have a great collection of wallpapers running on my Joggler which are really good – I would love to include them in my build, but there would a very big grey area when it comes to copyright, it would mean at the minimum that I need to track down the copyright holders to get permission.

    I’ll try post some links to where I found them – installation is very easy either copy over from a usb memory stick or install them on the server and push out to Squeezeplay.

  11. 11 On June 11th, 2010, dec said:

    Just installed it – great work!

    One question:

    Any chance of getting the fullscreen ‘encore’ wallpaper working? Mine still tiles – unlike when I use the 3guk skin within Ubuntu on the Joggler.

    Apart from that, top stuff!

    Oh, any chance of getting the squeezeplay icon instead of the current one (unless there’s copyright issues?)?

  12. 12 On June 11th, 2010, ajp said:

    “Any chance of getting the fullscreen ‘encore’ wallpaper working? Mine still tiles – unlike when I use the 3guk skin within Ubuntu on the Joggler.”

    Dec, it is easy to just download the 3guk skin, untar it then copy it’s full screen encore png file across to the Tarkan wallpaper directory. Works a treat. If you can download Tarkan’s excellent Joggler build then you can download and extract the 3guk wallpapers. Then just remove the 3guk download and untarred directory structure to tidy up. Probably similar principles for installing any other wallpapers you want – just get a png file with the right resolution for the joggler.

  13. 13 On June 12th, 2010, dec said:

    ajp: thanks for your reply. I guess I just thought Tarkan would have included the fullscreen encore wallpaper as standard.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get squeeze_me (squeeeplay) to wake-on-lan squeezeserver? When I was running squeezeplay under ubuntu on my joggler, as soon as I started squeezeplay it would wake up my server. This now does not seem to happen with this integrated version.

    It may be a limitation if running on the stock Joggler so I just wondered if anyone else had any luck?

  14. 14 On June 13th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    I did not realise there was a fullscreen version of the encore – if some one can get me a link for it – I will make sure it is in the next build.

    With the wake-on-lan – it could be the joggler network stack cannot send the wol magic packet, which would be odd but it is possible.

  15. 15 On June 13th, 2010, Alasdair said:

    Hi Tarkan,

    First thanks for the great work, I’m loving how well squeezeplay is working on my joggler.

    Couple of points for the next update (if needed):

    You could add text for below the squeezeplay icon.
    Wallpaper mentioned above.

    Also after leaving squeezeplay running for over 24 hours, the joggler’s audio system seems to have a problem with buffering audio, and plays a short snippet (1 sec long) every 10 seconds or so. Quitting squeezeplay does not resolve this. I need to reboot the joggler itself.

    None of these are major problems of couse, the app works like a dream! have sent some money to say thanks.

  16. 16 On June 13th, 2010, Paul said:

    Hi, thanks for the response, and the Home tip. Works great. With regard to the walpapers and the icon, if you’d like I can source some orginal wallpaper art and secure its use, and/or an icon. Just post what the resolutions/formats need to be.


  17. 17 On June 13th, 2010, Todd said:


    Downloaded the new 7.6 yesterday but it seems to be freezing on quite a regular basis, an issue I never had with 7.5, nearly always happens at the end of a track!

    Dropped some money for a couple of beers as appreciate the work gone into this.



  18. 18 On June 13th, 2010, Tarkan said:


    If you can get some wallpapers – ideal size is 800×480, I can convert them to the correct file format.

    With the icon I am playing around with a new version which has the logitech logo back in.


    Do you mean you installed the 7.5 server? I do find the 7.6 version very buggy on Windows but on a Ubuntu VM 7.6 is working great for me.

  19. 19 On June 14th, 2010, Todd said:


    Running the server on a vista pc and 7.5 on my joggler (native) as per your instructions on the joggler site.

    All was working well until I installed the new version on the joggler as per the instructions on this page.

    Extract from the log.txt

    [0;33m20100613 19:21:34.605 INFO squeezebox.server – SlimServer.lua:716 disconnected todds music idleTimeoutTriggered: true
    20100613 19:21:34.605 INFO squeezebox.server – SlimServer.lua:719 idle disconnected todds music
    20100613 19:21:34.606 INFO applet.AlarmSnooze – AlarmSnoozeApplet.lua:343 notify_serverDisconnected: SlimServer {todds music} is now disconnected
    20100613 19:21:34.606 WARN applet.AlarmSnooze – AlarmSnoozeApplet.lua:356 notify_serverDisconnected: SlimServer {todds music} – disconnected, but no server alarm in progress : nil
    20100613 19:21:34.613 INFO squeezebox.server – SlimServer.lua:716 disconnected mysqueezebox.com idleTimeoutTriggered: true
    20100613 19:21:34.613 INFO squeezebox.server – SlimServer.lua:719 idle disconnected mysqueezebox.com
    20100613 19:21:34.613 INFO applet.AlarmSnooze – AlarmSnoozeApplet.lua:343 notify_serverDisconnected: SlimServer {mysqueezebox.com} is now disconnected
    20100613 19:21:34.613 WARN applet.AlarmSnooze – AlarmSnoozeApplet.lua:356 notify_serverDisconnected: SlimServer {mysqu

  20. 20 On June 14th, 2010, Todd said:

    Sorted, it was the crossfade that was causing the issue, switched it off and all is well again :)

  21. 21 On June 14th, 2010, Jonny said:

    I also had a similar problem due to the crossfade. I just disabled it and it is fine now. The only problem I have is with the autodimming. I did the mod, which is great as I use it as an alarm clock, but when I use sqeezeplay the screen goes very dim after about 10 minutes and the only way for the brightness to come back is by exiting to the jogglers main screen. Is there anyway around this other than changing the brightness mod?

  22. 22 On June 14th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    Todd, Can you tell me exactly what you did to cause the problems – I am trying to recreate the issues so I can test a new build.

    Jonny, I use the autodim mod – that works great the light dims and brightens automatically. Works really well.

  23. 23 On June 14th, 2010, Todd said:

    settings – audio settings – crossfade

    Had it set to crossfade, worked fine on previous version but when I went to your new one the issues started, changed from crossfade to NONE and problems stopped!

  24. 24 On June 15th, 2010, Tweets that mention Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler » Tarkan Akdam’s BORED -- Topsy.com said:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mark Mac, Simon Steele. Simon Steele said: @seanhardaker http://bit.ly/bRlJd2 try that. Internet radio works great and keeps standard 02 software. Just telnet it. U don't need server […]

  25. 25 On June 16th, 2010, kab said:

    How do we uninstall this version? Seems my squeeze server software isn’t uptodate enough so I need to remove your squeezeplay

  26. 26 On June 16th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    There is no uninstall on the script at the moment, I am working on it.

    The install does not do any harm on your joggler – if you want to remove the icon from the menu – then press and hold down the icon, which will popup a menu asking you to move or delete the icon.

  27. 27 On June 18th, 2010, Paul said:

    Hi, I have a selection of wallpapers now, can you email me (I assume it’s attached to this post) and I can let you have them and also let you know how I’ve made sure they are original and artist released.

  28. 28 On June 20th, 2010, Chris said:


    I have my players around the house in sync. I just want to use this as a controller, but the players other volumes are syncing to it. How do I make this just a controller of another squeezebox?



  29. 29 On June 20th, 2010, Chris said:

    Ignore previous question… Its just in settings… Now I just need an app to turn off the screen, and joggler will be useable. Thanks.

  30. 30 On June 23rd, 2010, Neal said:

    thanks for the great work in getting this up and running, and the bundled install. I’ve sloshed you some beer money on PayPal.

    I have been working on getting 3guk’s skin more “integrated”. So far, I have renamed it as JogglerSkin and altered the appropriate bits and bobs so that it gets recognised (and so the joggler only offers wallpapers of the correct size). I also scaled all the standard wallpapers to the correct size so that they no longer tile. Next steps: bigger button images so that they don’t tile, bigger keyboard. Would you like to put the skin and other mods into your install bundle?
    Also, a suggestion: run strip on the files in bin/ (save 18MBytes). More size savings:
    – remove everything in include/
    – remove lib/*.a lib/*.la (already statically linked)
    – remove bin/freetype-config bin/gmon.out bin/lua bin/luac bin/sdl-config


  31. 31 On June 23rd, 2010, Tarkan said:


    Thanks for beer money and the tips for stripping – software is not my strong point – so these kind of tips help streamline my release.

    I will you send you an email, but yes I would be interested in looking at what you have done. I will be releasing an update later tonight, which includes some changes I have made to the 3guk skin – so once you have had a look at that we can move forward with integrating your skin – as there were things bugging me about the original skin.

  32. 32 On June 24th, 2010, Gomez said:

    Hi Tarkan
    Been looking forward to this update nice one Mate :-)
    Just one question, as you know I already have v1 installed and you say “if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version” However I may be being thick here but I can’t see the removal instructions unless you mean use the update command ?

  33. 33 On June 24th, 2010, Gomez said:

    Ignore that I was being thick it’s in the orginal post

  34. 34 On June 25th, 2010, jing said:

    Hi Tarkan
    thanks for your great work. I really like the squeezeplay running on my Joggler. I think it is better than Joggler’s software.
    one question when I upgrade to your new version(Jun 24th). I can’t activate it after install. from log.txt in squeezeplay folder:

    WARN net.comet – Comet.lua:876 Comet {mysqueezebox.com}: _response, /1Xcf19c4b8aaa823d9de71136e19db1965X000e8e229339X0X1277422438X5125275b/slim/request id=3 failed: This player is already linked to another SqueezeNetwork account.

    not sure why this happened.

    best regards and thanks again

  35. 35 On June 25th, 2010, Tarkan said:


    On the home menu you should see a test menu button. Inside that menu is two items which will clear/reset and then register the joggler/squeezeplay.

    SN register and SN reset.

    Hope that helps.

  36. 36 On June 26th, 2010, jing said:

    Hi Tarkan,
    thanks for your help. I found the problem with your hint. I need to log in to mysqueezebox.com and delete the player. after that joggler can register itself again.
    home menu is not available without registration.

    hope this information helps.

  37. 37 On June 27th, 2010, Paul said:

    Hi, superb work again. Installed and it seems to be working absolutely fine. One question though, the install asks if it should remove the previous files. I said Yes, but any advice on what difference keeping or deleting the files (if any) would make would be great. Thanks again.

  38. 38 On June 27th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    I should really make it clearer the purpose of that.

    The reason I put it in was that many people place wallpapers or other customisations within the squeezeplay application folder.

    Really, things like wallpapers etc should go in the user settings folder which is /.squeezeplay on the joggler.

  39. 39 On June 28th, 2010, kman said:

    I have noticed that when setting an alarm the screen is all messed up, its like the graphics are not the correct size – is this normal or is it just my install?

    great work by the way :o)

  40. 40 On June 28th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    It is an issue with Squeezeplay – the coding has not been designed for the size of the joggler screen.

    Currently it is best to set the alarm via the sqeezebox server. I do hope to fix it sometime but it is not very high up the list :(

  41. 41 On June 30th, 2010, Phil said:

    Great work with the Squeezeplay implementation – I love it!

    I’m having a problem with the internet radio in Squeezeplay. I installed SP because the radio volume in the o2 radio is very low (compared with, say, radio in Chrome under Ubuntu on the Joggler).

    I installed the BBC Radio applet in Squeezeplayer, and the stations seem to play (display graphics / information etc.) but I don’t hear any sound – is there a setting I’m missing, or is this related to the Kernel driver that you plan to update? All non-BBC stations work perfectly.

  42. 42 On June 30th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    Nothing to do with squeezeplay that. I have the same situation with my setup – I have not investigated it but it is probably down to the iplayer plugin / squeezeboxserver 7.6

    I am going to try and remove the iplayer and iplayer extra plugins from my squeezebox server and re-install the server. Just to see if the BBC radio works ok through the internet radio menu.

    BBC Radio used to work ok, and the only difference between then and now in my home system is the addition of the iplayer plugins.

  43. 43 On July 3rd, 2010, Roderz said:

    Hi Tarkan, just to let you know have managed to get text under the icons,
    It’s just a bodge to the ‘LOC’ attribute BUT needs ‘static’ swf icon for some reason
    Full info here
    Cheers again.

  44. 44 On July 3rd, 2010, James said:

    Excellent work!! Just donated to show some appreciation.

  45. 45 On July 5th, 2010, DanB said:

    Tried it. Used it. (Love it!)

    Have donated – please have a beer or two on me Tarkan! Thanks for the work. If others use this, please do remember to donate for the hard work.

    PS. If anyone can give Tarkan a better icon for the thumbnail in the Joggler OS, please do ;)


  46. 46 On July 6th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    Thanks Dan.

  47. 47 On July 8th, 2010, Tony said:

    This is Brilliant!

    Regarding Wake-On-Lan, I copied the binary of etherwake from an Ubuntu installation to /usr/sbin on the joggler then added a line to squeezeplay.sh

    /usr/sbin/etherwake 00:00….etc

  48. 48 On July 11th, 2010, Dan Cleary said:

    Hi Tarkan, just made a donation for your beer/server costs! Once again many thanks for an excellent piece of work.


  49. 49 On July 23rd, 2010, Dave Wyeth said:

    Absolutely fantastic application, but is anyone with Windows 7 x64 experiencing problems connecting to the server? I can listen to internet radio, but I can’t connect to my PC despite having installed the server and having had my Squeebox account linked to the Joggler.

  50. 50 On July 25th, 2010, killian said:

    Hi just wanted to find out how do i remove squeezplay form my joggler?I need to sell my joggler and i want to sell it in its virgin state.

  51. 51 On August 3rd, 2010, Stephen Wood said:

    Hi. Great hack for the Joggler – it does everything I want it to do now that I’ve got the iPlayer plug-in up and running.

    However – I have the same issue as Alisdair reported. If I leave the Joggler running and wake it from sleep (I have auto-dim) the audio will play for a fraction of a second (as garbage) and then there’s no more audio. Squeezebox still runs – but there’s no audio at all (i.e. not even for key-presses). I have to reboot the Joggler to get any audio back.

    Any ideas?

  52. 52 On August 3rd, 2010, Tarkan said:

    Sadly it is the builtin ALSA sound driver on the Joggler which is problem.

    I am looking at trying to install the latest version of the driver – but as it is a Linux kernal driver it is hitting the boundaries of my understanding of linux!!! :(

  53. 53 On August 25th, 2010, Kevin said:

    Hi, this is great, I installed this last night and needed to put SqueezeCenter on my laptop as my Buffalo NAS upnp server doesn’t work with this. I pointed SqueezeCenter to the NAS drive and all was well. This evening, in an attempt to do away with the need to run the laptop, I followed the instructions from the logitec forums for installing SqueezeCenter on my Buffalo NAS drive (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=57224). This all works fine but is running v 7.3.3.

    When I try and use this server on the Joggler I get the error ” needs to be updated to a newer version of the Squeezebox Server. Pleas visit… to download…”

    This is the latest version that I can use, any ideas how I can get round this.

    Thanks for all your work on this, it is much appreciated.

  54. 54 On August 29th, 2010, Gomez said:

    Hi Kevin
    The problem you have is the Squeezecentre on the Buffalo Nas is newer than the squeezeplay on the joggler. Unfortunately there’s no newer version available for the Joggler yet (as far as I know, so the only thing you can try is to put an older version of Squeezecentre on your Nas until the joggler gets updated.

  55. 55 On September 2nd, 2010, greg said:

    hi there, how do i get my own wallpaper on the squeezebox app on the joggler? i cant find a way to set ur own image as wallpaper so i telnet’d in, then cd /media/squeezingtarkan/squeezeplay/share/jive/applets/SetupWallpaper/wallpaper/ (where it looks like they’re kept) and then did a wget tp a 800×480 jpg on my dropbox, sucessfully downloaded it, and also changed the file permissions to 775 (-rwxr-xr-x) and made the owner root, so it had the same as all the other files (blackmoon.jpg, blacksun.jpg etc) but it doesn’t seem to appear in the list.

    am i doing something wrong?


  56. 56 On September 2nd, 2010, greg said:

    actually that worked, must have just needed a few reboots!

  57. 57 On September 4th, 2010, Alasdair said:

    Hi Tarkan,

    I’m really loving squeezeplay so much on my joggler that I’ve set it to start instead of tango altogether. Really easy, just needs a change in /openpeak/tango/run & an updated squeezeplay.sh (needs to unmute audio via amixer)

    No wait for the O2 crap at the start, and I’m not seeing the audio bug either anymore – though that may just be luck.

    Might be nice to update the install script to allow this as an option. Easy to start tango, on exit from squeezeplay. (Though I just have squeezeplay restarting as I don’t use any of the openpeak apps).

    don’t have regular internet access right now but will check in when I get it up and running


  58. 58 On September 4th, 2010, Alasdair said:

    Oh another q, how easy it was it to get your cross compiling environment up and running for compiling jive?

    I would love to start hacking away at things – such as squeezeplay menu access to other apps

  59. 59 On September 20th, 2010, Paul said:

    I realise this isn’t a support forum, but I thought I’d throw it out. Since the Joggler updated its firmware in July, I re-ran the USB key boot and installed Squeezeplay again. I’m now getting regular freezes on the main menu screen if they are left for a few days. Anyone else getting this, and is there a fix?

    Also, Alasdair, do you have a link to instructions for changing the autoboot into Squeezeplay as I’d like this also.

  60. 60 On September 20th, 2010, Tarkan said:

    The only thing I have since the update is the very poor wireless network connection – seems to be very unreliable causing all sorts of issues.

    I also seem to get several reboots overnight – not sure why….. I do wish I kept my Jogglers on the previous version!!

  61. 61 On October 3rd, 2010, Win said:

    A question for Alasdair – and a possible inclusion in your excellent guide:

    Could you take me step by step through the process of modifying the files to prevent Tango from starting so that the Joggler goes directly into Squeezeplay? (as was suggested on Sept. 4th)

    Many thanks, and much appreciation to Tarkan!

  62. 62 On October 14th, 2010, Win said:

    Here’s more details on Alasdair’s instructions (standing on the shoulders of giants and all that) having been successfully implemented by my pal Michael:

    Edit the tango startup script to start squeezeplay instead of tango.
    vi /openpeak/tango/run

    Change the last few lines to match this:
    while true ; do
    # xinit /openpeak/tango/xinit.sh — -br
    xinit /media/squeezingtarkan/squeezeplay/bin/squeezeplay.sh — -br

    This is disabling starting tango (commenting the line with a # that does it), and adding the squeezeplay.sh starting script. If you want to start squeezeplay and exit into tango, don’t comment out that line, and put them in the other order.) Instructions for the Vi editor are here:

    For the impatient, press ‘i’ to get into insert mode, edit the file, then ‘ZZ’ to save and exit.

    Edit the squeezeplay startup script to unmute the sound.
    vi /media/squeezingtarkan/squeezeplay/bin/squeezeplay.sh

    Add the following line before the last (“./jive”) line:
    amixer -c 0 set Master 100 unmute

    Now you can type “reboot” at your joggler prompt, and joggler will always start into squeezeplay.

  63. 63 On December 27th, 2010, kev said:


    I edited the startup script to start squeezeplay instead of tango but the device no longer connects to my wireless network on boot. This means I can’t telnet to it, nor can I get to the main interface to look at the wifi settings – because all I have is squeezeplay on boot.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

  64. 64 On January 6th, 2011, Sean Poyser said:

    Was playing with the wallpaper settings and unfortunately it now appears as a small window in the top left and I can’t access any menus and can’t change the settings :-(

    I have tried re-installing and it picks up the settings again.

    Is there anyway to fully uninstall before re-installing?

  65. 65 On January 8th, 2011, Tarkan said:

    Hey Sean,

    If you log back in to the Joggler and delete the settings folder for squeezeplayer, that should get you back to the defaults.

    cd /
    rm -rf .squeezeplay

    should do it. hope that helps.

  66. 66 On January 13th, 2011, Sean Poyser said:


    Many thanks for that, you’re a star!

  67. 67 On January 16th, 2011, Aaron said:

    I have the same issue that Phil reported on 30th June – iPLayer appears to work – graphics show notes etc, but no sound. Was this issue resolved? How was it done please?

    Great work so far thanks.

  68. 68 On January 17th, 2011, Tarkan said:

    It is a codec issue from what I understand.

    You can force squeezecenter server to transcode everything in to PCM or AAC so the joggler can play it.

    I will try and from more info on this and hopefully find a solution.

  69. 69 On January 17th, 2011, aaron said:

    thanks Tarkan. Any help greatly appreciated

  70. 70 On January 29th, 2011, glyco said:

    Thanks a lot Tarkan! This was so easy, can’t believe I have a touchscreen squeezeplay client and squeezebox server (thanks to ssods) all in one so neatly in my living room now!

  71. 71 On January 30th, 2011, Paul said:

    Another few beers for you, A painless install considering I knew nothing of telnet, putty, etc before starting. It works an absolute charm, I am wary of accepting any SB updates now in case it breaks it!

    Two comments…

    I run my squeezeboxes (4)in sync most of the time just switching on an off whichever as I need.
    If I use the joggler to switch a particular player off, I am then stuck! The screen I am then offered is only the screen with a single button to turn that machine back on again!
    I have to use another external (to joggler) method to switch off the individual player (in order to be able to return to the menu which will offer me to choose another player). Have I missed something here? is this a function of Squeezeplay itself? so cannot be resolved?


    Is it possible to reverse the track selection modes so that a “touch and hold” plays the track and the short “touch” brings up the menu?
    Currently if you accidentally just touch a track you wipe the current playlist you have just built.
    If you reversed the modes then if you accidentally just “touched” instead of “touch & hold” you would simply bring up the menu, which you could either then close or even just press the “play” option.

    Other than those two items, this is terrific, I can’t help thinking Logitech should get in on this. I don’t use it for sound, that rather defeats the point of the Squeezebox idea of having better DACs etc. but as a controller it is simply brilliant.

    Your hard work very much appreciated, best wishes, Paul

  72. 72 On January 31st, 2011, Tarkan said:

    Thanks for the beer :)

    I will have to test the players issue – I have moved recently and still have not setup my receivers.

    With the touch interface, I think that change would be outside of the theme files – if it is easy enough to modify the program, I can create a custom build for you – again leave it with me to check out.

  73. 73 On February 8th, 2011, Paul said:

    Thanks for the quick response, I have been using the “SqueezeJoggler” for a week or so and it has not missed a beat, very pleased. I have sort of got used to the long touch for bringing up the menu! still think it’s daft though!

    The power off issue is particuarly annoying! If a player is off already and you select it, it is happy to bring up the home menu display for the player but saying the playier is off, (with a menu option to turn it on). The Problem is turning a player off using the Joggler, it appears that the “Off” screensaver (with just the single button) somehow needs to be bypassed, and just show the normal home menu?
    I have had a fiddle but cannot see anyway of making this so?
    That’s very kind to offer a personal build, I would not like to think of you wasting too much time for a single user, however I can’t help thinking that others must have this problem also?

    best wishes, Paul

  74. 74 On February 16th, 2011, Simon said:

    Nice app. Works well for playing tracks from my squeezeserver, but I am having problems using it to listen to internet radio. Many streams that play on my squeezebox radio and touch refuse to play on the joggler and I too get no sound when using the BBC Radio plugin. I looks like a codec issue. I have tried all the obvious squeezeserver setting and additional plugins but to no avail. This would be near perfect if someone can suss out the radio streaming issues…

  75. 75 On February 19th, 2011, Jocuri said:

    Thanks! This is just what I been searching for!

  76. 76 On February 28th, 2011, Jocuri said:

    This was really helpful, oh and I forgot the specify in my last message that I have a problem with the volume it doesn’t go all the way, is this common or should I just reinstall the app?

  77. 77 On April 1st, 2011, richie said:

    Anyone managed to get the alarm working when using squeezenetwork ?

    I can set the alarm. The clock shows the alarm is set but i cannot get any sound out of it. I’ve tried everything. Have also downloaded squeezeplayer for windows and it fails on that too !

    Anybody got any ideas ?

  78. 78 On May 9th, 2011, Richard said:

    Hi tarkan…just installed, works like a dream. Am controlling SB1/2 and radio as well as squeezeplay….far better than SB Controller and cheaper..donation on its way today. thanks Richard

  79. 79 On May 10th, 2011, Tarkan said:

    Thanks, Glad you like it.

  80. 80 On July 18th, 2011, VERG0 said:

    Hi have you had any sucess updateing ALSA Sound driver ?

  81. 81 On January 2nd, 2012, Jane said:

    Hi there, I have been reading through a tonne of information on the o2 Joggler but I am not a techie, I just really love my music.

    I want to try and get my o2 Joggler running squeezeplay but I am totally not getting it. The Joggler is in the post and will arrive in a few days so I haven’t even seen it yet. Is there a website or a real true idiots guide to getting squeezeplay working you can point me too please? You seem to know what you are doing.

    Thanks, Jane.

  82. 82 On January 2nd, 2012, Tarkan said:

    It is actually not that difficult, once you get the Joggler in hand it will all make sense.

    The best web link to visit is :-
    He has picked up the mantel from the work I done and a few other people, he is still actively supporting Squeezeplay on the Joggler. He has links to get you logged in to the Joggler and simple instructions to install the squeezeplay installer.

    Good luck.

  83. 83 On March 20th, 2013, pligg.com said:

    Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler…

    If everyone did this we would all function more effectively and have more personal power to create more ‘long term solutions’ by being conscious enough in-the-moment to avoid costly ‘penalties’ from ‘short term solutions’ that create long term pr…

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