Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler


New Build as of 24/06/2010

So finally here it is. Squeezeplay running as a fully native application on the O2 Joggler (with some roundabout methods).

If the first paragraph does not mean anything to you then read about my intitial work with the Joggler.

Also while you are reading that article, if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version.

So this new release install squeezeplay and installs a launch icon in the O2 menu – all by executing one script, this script also takes care of updating your installation when I update the squeezeplay build or change the launch icon (which I intend to do soon!).


As always, I do these things because I like the challenge and the give back to the www – however hosting a website and serving files does cost money – so if you find this work useful please consider donating – it helps pay for my hosting costs. Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer : This modification to your Joggler can cause your Joggler to fail – and I cannot accept any responsiblity for any problems caused by running this software. You have been warned.

This guide assumes you have telnet or ssh access to your Joggler.

Login to your Joggler and execute the following commands.

cd /media
chmod a+x

When I have updated the release, to upgrade your installation to the new version, execute the following commands.

cd /media

Change Log

v1.0      Intitial release – Squeezeplay version v7.6.0 r8843m
v1.1 Updated Squeezeplay to v7.6 r8903m
New launch icon using Logitech icon
Modified 3guk skin
Removed mouse pointer cursor
Install offers optional wallpapers to download


Update ALSA kernal driver
Add remove/ uninstall option to script

83 thoughts on “Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

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  2. Tarkan Post author

    It is actually not that difficult, once you get the Joggler in hand it will all make sense.

    The best web link to visit is :-
    He has picked up the mantel from the work I done and a few other people, he is still actively supporting Squeezeplay on the Joggler. He has links to get you logged in to the Joggler and simple instructions to install the squeezeplay installer.

    Good luck.

  3. Jane

    Hi there, I have been reading through a tonne of information on the o2 Joggler but I am not a techie, I just really love my music.

    I want to try and get my o2 Joggler running squeezeplay but I am totally not getting it. The Joggler is in the post and will arrive in a few days so I haven’t even seen it yet. Is there a website or a real true idiots guide to getting squeezeplay working you can point me too please? You seem to know what you are doing.

    Thanks, Jane.

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