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  • Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

9th June 2010

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

Final launch and release of a full integrated edition of squeezeplay running on a native Joggler. Enjoy…. (more…)

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27th May 2010

Guide: O2 Joggler and Logitech Squeezeplay

Joggler great little touchscreen mini-pc – perfect to run Logitech’s Squeezeplay. Read my guide to installing and running Squeezeplay on the original Joggler operating system… (more…)

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9th January 2008

How to: Build a file server… Assembly…(Part 2) (3 pages)

In this 2nd part of How to build a File Server, I cover the necessary hardware mods required to install and assemble the finished machine.

Read about the modifications needed for the Sharkoon case and Icy Dock MB453SPF & MB455SPF Sata Enclosures ….. (more…)

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16th December 2007

How to: Build a file server…. and why you should….(Part 1) (2 pages)

Read the first part in my three part series about the joys of building and operating a stand alone file server for the home. In this first part I will be covering equipment selection and costs.

While I am recycling lots of hardware it is possible to achieve some good savings to build the machine you want …… (more…)

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