Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler


New Build as of 24/06/2010

So finally here it is. Squeezeplay running as a fully native application on the O2 Joggler (with some roundabout methods).

If the first paragraph does not mean anything to you then read about my intitial work with the Joggler.

Also while you are reading that article, if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version.

So this new release install squeezeplay and installs a launch icon in the O2 menu – all by executing one script, this script also takes care of updating your installation when I update the squeezeplay build or change the launch icon (which I intend to do soon!).


As always, I do these things because I like the challenge and the give back to the www – however hosting a website and serving files does cost money – so if you find this work useful please consider donating – it helps pay for my hosting costs. Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer : This modification to your Joggler can cause your Joggler to fail – and I cannot accept any responsiblity for any problems caused by running this software. You have been warned.

This guide assumes you have telnet or ssh access to your Joggler.

Login to your Joggler and execute the following commands.

cd /media
chmod a+x

When I have updated the release, to upgrade your installation to the new version, execute the following commands.

cd /media

Change Log

v1.0      Intitial release – Squeezeplay version v7.6.0 r8843m
v1.1 Updated Squeezeplay to v7.6 r8903m
New launch icon using Logitech icon
Modified 3guk skin
Removed mouse pointer cursor
Install offers optional wallpapers to download


Update ALSA kernal driver
Add remove/ uninstall option to script

83 thoughts on “Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

  1. Richard

    Hi tarkan…just installed, works like a dream. Am controlling SB1/2 and radio as well as squeezeplay….far better than SB Controller and cheaper..donation on its way today. thanks Richard

  2. richie

    Anyone managed to get the alarm working when using squeezenetwork ?

    I can set the alarm. The clock shows the alarm is set but i cannot get any sound out of it. I’ve tried everything. Have also downloaded squeezeplayer for windows and it fails on that too !

    Anybody got any ideas ?

  3. Jocuri

    This was really helpful, oh and I forgot the specify in my last message that I have a problem with the volume it doesn’t go all the way, is this common or should I just reinstall the app?

  4. Simon

    Nice app. Works well for playing tracks from my squeezeserver, but I am having problems using it to listen to internet radio. Many streams that play on my squeezebox radio and touch refuse to play on the joggler and I too get no sound when using the BBC Radio plugin. I looks like a codec issue. I have tried all the obvious squeezeserver setting and additional plugins but to no avail. This would be near perfect if someone can suss out the radio streaming issues…

  5. Paul

    Thanks for the quick response, I have been using the “SqueezeJoggler” for a week or so and it has not missed a beat, very pleased. I have sort of got used to the long touch for bringing up the menu! still think it’s daft though!

    The power off issue is particuarly annoying! If a player is off already and you select it, it is happy to bring up the home menu display for the player but saying the playier is off, (with a menu option to turn it on). The Problem is turning a player off using the Joggler, it appears that the “Off” screensaver (with just the single button) somehow needs to be bypassed, and just show the normal home menu?
    I have had a fiddle but cannot see anyway of making this so?
    That’s very kind to offer a personal build, I would not like to think of you wasting too much time for a single user, however I can’t help thinking that others must have this problem also?

    best wishes, Paul

  6. Tarkan Post author

    Thanks for the beer 🙂

    I will have to test the players issue – I have moved recently and still have not setup my receivers.

    With the touch interface, I think that change would be outside of the theme files – if it is easy enough to modify the program, I can create a custom build for you – again leave it with me to check out.

  7. Paul

    Another few beers for you, A painless install considering I knew nothing of telnet, putty, etc before starting. It works an absolute charm, I am wary of accepting any SB updates now in case it breaks it!

    Two comments…

    I run my squeezeboxes (4)in sync most of the time just switching on an off whichever as I need.
    If I use the joggler to switch a particular player off, I am then stuck! The screen I am then offered is only the screen with a single button to turn that machine back on again!
    I have to use another external (to joggler) method to switch off the individual player (in order to be able to return to the menu which will offer me to choose another player). Have I missed something here? is this a function of Squeezeplay itself? so cannot be resolved?


    Is it possible to reverse the track selection modes so that a “touch and hold” plays the track and the short “touch” brings up the menu?
    Currently if you accidentally just touch a track you wipe the current playlist you have just built.
    If you reversed the modes then if you accidentally just “touched” instead of “touch & hold” you would simply bring up the menu, which you could either then close or even just press the “play” option.

    Other than those two items, this is terrific, I can’t help thinking Logitech should get in on this. I don’t use it for sound, that rather defeats the point of the Squeezebox idea of having better DACs etc. but as a controller it is simply brilliant.

    Your hard work very much appreciated, best wishes, Paul

  8. glyco

    Thanks a lot Tarkan! This was so easy, can’t believe I have a touchscreen squeezeplay client and squeezebox server (thanks to ssods) all in one so neatly in my living room now!

  9. Tarkan Post author

    It is a codec issue from what I understand.

    You can force squeezecenter server to transcode everything in to PCM or AAC so the joggler can play it.

    I will try and from more info on this and hopefully find a solution.

  10. Aaron

    I have the same issue that Phil reported on 30th June – iPLayer appears to work – graphics show notes etc, but no sound. Was this issue resolved? How was it done please?

    Great work so far thanks.

  11. Tarkan Post author

    Hey Sean,

    If you log back in to the Joggler and delete the settings folder for squeezeplayer, that should get you back to the defaults.

    cd /
    rm -rf .squeezeplay

    should do it. hope that helps.

  12. Sean Poyser

    Was playing with the wallpaper settings and unfortunately it now appears as a small window in the top left and I can’t access any menus and can’t change the settings 🙁

    I have tried re-installing and it picks up the settings again.

    Is there anyway to fully uninstall before re-installing?

  13. kev


    I edited the startup script to start squeezeplay instead of tango but the device no longer connects to my wireless network on boot. This means I can’t telnet to it, nor can I get to the main interface to look at the wifi settings – because all I have is squeezeplay on boot.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?

  14. Win

    Here’s more details on Alasdair’s instructions (standing on the shoulders of giants and all that) having been successfully implemented by my pal Michael:

    Edit the tango startup script to start squeezeplay instead of tango.
    vi /openpeak/tango/run

    Change the last few lines to match this:
    while true ; do
    # xinit /openpeak/tango/ — -br
    xinit /media/squeezingtarkan/squeezeplay/bin/ — -br

    This is disabling starting tango (commenting the line with a # that does it), and adding the starting script. If you want to start squeezeplay and exit into tango, don’t comment out that line, and put them in the other order.) Instructions for the Vi editor are here:

    For the impatient, press ‘i’ to get into insert mode, edit the file, then ‘ZZ’ to save and exit.

    Edit the squeezeplay startup script to unmute the sound.
    vi /media/squeezingtarkan/squeezeplay/bin/

    Add the following line before the last (“./jive”) line:
    amixer -c 0 set Master 100 unmute

    Now you can type “reboot” at your joggler prompt, and joggler will always start into squeezeplay.

  15. Win

    A question for Alasdair – and a possible inclusion in your excellent guide:

    Could you take me step by step through the process of modifying the files to prevent Tango from starting so that the Joggler goes directly into Squeezeplay? (as was suggested on Sept. 4th)

    Many thanks, and much appreciation to Tarkan!

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