Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler


New Build as of 24/06/2010

So finally here it is. Squeezeplay running as a fully native application on the O2 Joggler (with some roundabout methods).

If the first paragraph does not mean anything to you then read about my intitial work with the Joggler.

Also while you are reading that article, if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version.

So this new release install squeezeplay and installs a launch icon in the O2 menu – all by executing one script, this script also takes care of updating your installation when I update the squeezeplay build or change the launch icon (which I intend to do soon!).


As always, I do these things because I like the challenge and the give back to the www – however hosting a website and serving files does cost money – so if you find this work useful please consider donating – it helps pay for my hosting costs. Thanks in advance.


Disclaimer : This modification to your Joggler can cause your Joggler to fail – and I cannot accept any responsiblity for any problems caused by running this software. You have been warned.

This guide assumes you have telnet or ssh access to your Joggler.

Login to your Joggler and execute the following commands.

cd /media
chmod a+x

When I have updated the release, to upgrade your installation to the new version, execute the following commands.

cd /media

Change Log

v1.0      Intitial release – Squeezeplay version v7.6.0 r8843m
v1.1 Updated Squeezeplay to v7.6 r8903m
New launch icon using Logitech icon
Modified 3guk skin
Removed mouse pointer cursor
Install offers optional wallpapers to download


Update ALSA kernal driver
Add remove/ uninstall option to script


83 thoughts on “Launched: Squeezeplay on the O2 Joggler

  1. Tarkan Post author

    It is an issue with Squeezeplay – the coding has not been designed for the size of the joggler screen.

    Currently it is best to set the alarm via the sqeezebox server. I do hope to fix it sometime but it is not very high up the list 🙁

  2. kman

    I have noticed that when setting an alarm the screen is all messed up, its like the graphics are not the correct size – is this normal or is it just my install?

    great work by the way :o)

  3. Tarkan Post author

    I should really make it clearer the purpose of that.

    The reason I put it in was that many people place wallpapers or other customisations within the squeezeplay application folder.

    Really, things like wallpapers etc should go in the user settings folder which is /.squeezeplay on the joggler.

  4. Paul

    Hi, superb work again. Installed and it seems to be working absolutely fine. One question though, the install asks if it should remove the previous files. I said Yes, but any advice on what difference keeping or deleting the files (if any) would make would be great. Thanks again.

  5. jing

    Hi Tarkan,
    thanks for your help. I found the problem with your hint. I need to log in to and delete the player. after that joggler can register itself again.
    home menu is not available without registration.

    hope this information helps.

  6. Tarkan Post author


    On the home menu you should see a test menu button. Inside that menu is two items which will clear/reset and then register the joggler/squeezeplay.

    SN register and SN reset.

    Hope that helps.

  7. jing

    Hi Tarkan
    thanks for your great work. I really like the squeezeplay running on my Joggler. I think it is better than Joggler’s software.
    one question when I upgrade to your new version(Jun 24th). I can’t activate it after install. from log.txt in squeezeplay folder:

    WARN net.comet – Comet.lua:876 Comet {}: _response, /1Xcf19c4b8aaa823d9de71136e19db1965X000e8e229339X0X1277422438X5125275b/slim/request id=3 failed: This player is already linked to another SqueezeNetwork account.

    not sure why this happened.

    best regards and thanks again

  8. Gomez

    Hi Tarkan
    Been looking forward to this update nice one Mate 🙂
    Just one question, as you know I already have v1 installed and you say “if you did install my first attempt please read the removal instructions in the article before installing the new version” However I may be being thick here but I can’t see the removal instructions unless you mean use the update command ?

  9. Tarkan Post author


    Thanks for beer money and the tips for stripping – software is not my strong point – so these kind of tips help streamline my release.

    I will you send you an email, but yes I would be interested in looking at what you have done. I will be releasing an update later tonight, which includes some changes I have made to the 3guk skin – so once you have had a look at that we can move forward with integrating your skin – as there were things bugging me about the original skin.

  10. Neal

    thanks for the great work in getting this up and running, and the bundled install. I’ve sloshed you some beer money on PayPal.

    I have been working on getting 3guk’s skin more “integrated”. So far, I have renamed it as JogglerSkin and altered the appropriate bits and bobs so that it gets recognised (and so the joggler only offers wallpapers of the correct size). I also scaled all the standard wallpapers to the correct size so that they no longer tile. Next steps: bigger button images so that they don’t tile, bigger keyboard. Would you like to put the skin and other mods into your install bundle?
    Also, a suggestion: run strip on the files in bin/ (save 18MBytes). More size savings:
    – remove everything in include/
    – remove lib/*.a lib/*.la (already statically linked)
    – remove bin/freetype-config bin/gmon.out bin/lua bin/luac bin/sdl-config


  11. Chris

    Ignore previous question… Its just in settings… Now I just need an app to turn off the screen, and joggler will be useable. Thanks.

  12. Chris


    I have my players around the house in sync. I just want to use this as a controller, but the players other volumes are syncing to it. How do I make this just a controller of another squeezebox?



  13. Paul

    Hi, I have a selection of wallpapers now, can you email me (I assume it’s attached to this post) and I can let you have them and also let you know how I’ve made sure they are original and artist released.

  14. Tarkan Post author

    There is no uninstall on the script at the moment, I am working on it.

    The install does not do any harm on your joggler – if you want to remove the icon from the menu – then press and hold down the icon, which will popup a menu asking you to move or delete the icon.

  15. kab

    How do we uninstall this version? Seems my squeeze server software isn’t uptodate enough so I need to remove your squeezeplay

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  17. Todd

    settings – audio settings – crossfade

    Had it set to crossfade, worked fine on previous version but when I went to your new one the issues started, changed from crossfade to NONE and problems stopped!

  18. Tarkan Post author

    Todd, Can you tell me exactly what you did to cause the problems – I am trying to recreate the issues so I can test a new build.

    Jonny, I use the autodim mod – that works great the light dims and brightens automatically. Works really well.

  19. Jonny

    I also had a similar problem due to the crossfade. I just disabled it and it is fine now. The only problem I have is with the autodimming. I did the mod, which is great as I use it as an alarm clock, but when I use sqeezeplay the screen goes very dim after about 10 minutes and the only way for the brightness to come back is by exiting to the jogglers main screen. Is there anyway around this other than changing the brightness mod?

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